Well well well.. the ALDI rocking chair!  Everyone loves a bargain and these rocking chairs are certainly no exception. I'm sure you've seen them at your local Aldi store.

Do they live up to their rocker status?

Aldi Rocking Chair 2020 - before we talk about the price, lets talk about what makes this chair so special? The ALDI rocking chair is manufactured by SOHL furniture. This brand is an American-German company who produces high quality furniture for many different retail companies.

SOHL Furniture Reviews

SOHL furniture Aldi Australia - this “traditional rocking chair” by SOHL Furniture’s Life Concepts range is in a massive box that an adult can probably lift on their own, but is too large and awkward to move around without a second person.

The ALDI rocking chair (ALDI furniture review) is made of ash wood and can also come in black or white. The manufacturer recommends that it is placed away from direct sunlight as the color may fade over time due to ultraviolet light exposure. There are no tools required to assemble the SOHL furniture chair indoor/outdoor furniture product; it comes pre-assembled and still wrapped in plastic, so I would recommend this as an option if you’re looking for something quick and easy (but don’t expect a large discount). I like that all the screws and bolts on my chair were already screwed into their respective holes, so there wasn't any need to look around for them; they're all at your fingertips!

SOHL Furniture - How Much Will It Cost?

According to a range of sources about the rocking chair ALDI, the chair costs around $199 AUD.  This is a little more expensive than a rocking chair from Bunnings, but it's still significantly cheaper than rocking chairs from other retailers.

If you have the budget to purchase rocking chairs for your outdoor setting or entertainment area, then I would definitely recommend going for this luxury rocker style chair compared to other brands on the market... But make sure you get one while they're still in stock! If not... you'll be left rocking back and forth looking at them daily feeling jilted. On another note - Happy Savings!

Happy Savings.. until next time!

Check out our boy Keith, he actually went to one of these ALDI's and can tell you about how much fun he had with it all. Here's the photo from anicehome.com.au - you can find heaps of good stuff there!

aldi rocking chair sohl furniture life concepts assembled

SOHL Furniture Aldi Vs Amazon?

There seems to be many pros and cons when it comes to comparing Convertible Sohl Rocking Chair and Amazon products like the Artiss Fabric Upholstered Armchair into Rocking Chair.   There is a wealth of information available online and now we have access to so much marketing material it can be overwhelming.

This indeed makes for a tough comparison as there are so many different products available on Amazon and the pricing structure does differ from time to time. We need to compare real market prices here, not just what is being offered at Amazon.

We ran our own price comparison study and we can see that ALDI rocking chair is definitely more affordable than the Amazon rocking chair range! We would like you to keep in mind that these products may be imported and thus subject to some level of fluctuation depending on the prevailing international rates and exchange rates.

Artiss Fabric Upholstered Armchair into Rocking Chair, Beige

The Artiss Fabric Upholstered Armchair into Rocking Chair is the ideal choice for any home. The armchair comes with two sets of removable legs so that you can use it as a rocking chair or a stationary chair, making it an adaptable addition to your home.

With its classic wingback design and tufted detailing, this armchair will complement any room in your home. The extra thick foam padding and wide back ensure ultimate comfort with exceptional support. This versatile piece of furniture is easy to clean and will stand up to heavy daily use.

Artiss Rocking Armchair High Back Fabric Sofa Lounge Chair - Charcoal

This is a brand new and high quality rocking armchair. It has a wooden frame, which is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 lbs. The chair features thick padding for maximum comfort and support with an elegant wingback design that will make it look great in any room of your home. It also comes with two sets of removable legs so that you can use the chair as a stationary chair or as a rocking chair, making it highly versatile.

Sweet Home Collection Rocking Chair Cushion

This set of Rocking Chair Cushions from Sweet Home Collection is sure to add a touch of class and comfort to your favorite rocking chair. The cushions are made with 100% poly fiber fill that is filled to maximize comfort. The cushions have a non slip backing combined with 4 ties on each corner to help reduce shifting and keep your cushions in place.

The upper pad measures 21" x 17", the lower pad measures 17" x 17". The upper pad is 3" thick and the lower pad is 2.5" thick. The set of cushions comes with a 30 day warranty; please inspect your purchase carefully when it arrives.

So There You Have It Aldi Rocking Chairs & More...

If you're looking for a bargain the Adairs SOHL chair/ Aldi nursing chairs will save you a kings ransom, but you've got backup options with Amazon if you can't find what you need in it.  Just remember: if it's too good to be true then it's probably a scam. Don't cough it up your hard earned cash just for a new chair, always do your research and please please read reviews.

Just don't buy it if there doesn't seem to be any customer reviews.  At the end of the day just try to stay safe online and shop smart!

Aldi rocking chair outdoor offers a range of solutions for your different needs, so you'll find what you need no matter what the season or weather is like outside. And with their great prices, you can afford to stock up on several different items without worrying about breaking the bank!

When it comes to ALDI armchairs, ALDI rocking chairs & ALDI lounge chairs - Don't forget that weatherproofing is extremely important if you're bringing something like an outdoor patio set into your home. No one wants mold or mildew taking over their beautiful furniture set! Unfortunately these days that's not as much of a rarity as we would like it to be!

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