Expecting mother playing on a phone while using a computer

It’s a well-known fact that parenting is a demanding job. From feeding and changing diapers to the endless household chores, often including important work obligations as well, trying to juggle a long list of responsibilities can be a difficult task for anyone, but especially new moms. It’s no surprise they might often require some additional help in this confusing journey, and technology might just present the ideal solution. With the new age of parenting being shaped by innovative tools and applications, here are some efficient ways technology can be of help to new moms:

At-home medical exam kits

Even though kids might get sick quite often, waiting hours at the doctor’s office just to find out it’s a cold is a luxury many new mothers simply don’t have enough time for. To combat this common issue, technology might have a brilliant solution. Parents can now purchase telemedicine kits that allow them to perform medical exams on their children at home, guided by a doctor in real-time through a connected app. The doctor can then use the gathered information to give a proper diagnosis, advice on treatment plans, and prescribe medication if necessary, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Apps for managing medication

Whether it’s prescribed by a doctor remotely or a previous repeat prescription, remembering to take medication regularly and on time can be a difficult task for anyone. However, it becomes even more challenging for new moms who might need to stay on top of their child’s prescriptions as well as their own, and those of other family members. Thankfully, applications such as Medisafe can make medicine management simple and efficient. By sending friendly reminders whenever you need to take medication and even notifying you when your prescriptions are low, such an app will help to ensure no family member will ever miss taking their necessary medication again.

Applications for supporting mothers

For new moms searching for a bit of help and support throughout the confusing periods of pregnancy and parenthood, technology has the perfect solution. With the help of the popular Mumli motherhood app designed to support women, new moms can now connect with other like-minded parents, read relevant, and customized content, share any special memories, and even ask important questions about their motherhood journey. Apart from functioning as a social media platform and being easy to use, Mumli also allows moms to store the mess of screenshots, saved articles, and old messages all in one easily accessible place, as well as having an extensive library of helpful and informative content, thus truly providing new mothers with all the support and information they might need to turn motherhood into a more pleasant experience.

Laundry-folding machines

When asking what first-time moms need, most would reply that a bit of help around the house can make a significant impact, lowering their endless list of responsibilities and helping to reduce overall stress. Fortunately, technology might be able to help in this aspect as well. For those moms dreading the built-up piles of laundry, folding machines can present a brilliant solution. Allowing you to change folding techniques based on clothing sizes and your own preferences, these machines work simply by placing your clothes at the top and retrieving neatly folded laundry from the bottom, thus guaranteeing the perfect outcome each time and making everyday tasks that much easier.

Personal robots for assistance

For moms with a larger budget, day-to-day tasks have become incomparably simpler with the help of new technologies. Nowadays, mobile personal robots are readily available on the market, being able to connect to the internet, display video streams, and effortlessly move around the house, all while being easily activated by voice control. Whether you’d like to read your children a bedtime story while stuck at work or simply check in on them during naptime without needing to step away from your computer, personal robots have made staying in touch with your loved ones, and more, entirely possible.

Carpooling applications

While extracurricular activities might be great for children’s health and social life, finding enough time in your schedule to drive them around can be a daunting task for any parent. Thankfully, carpooling apps like Figure8 can make transportation a breeze, preventing you from making any irritating calls or last-minute mistakes. By communicating only through the application, parents can now form different carpool communities and update each other on driver switches, pick-ups, and drop-offs, for a more efficient transportation option. As no uninvited drivers can join these communities, parents can always be sure their kids are safe and sound, and such a beneficial carpool app might even be a great option for integrating into schools.

Although beautiful, early motherhood is also a challenging and confusing period no woman should go through alone, especially today. Fortunately, technological advancements have taken parents into consideration as well, offering plenty of applications and tools that will help new moms make this experience a bit easier to manage.

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