17 Questions with Belinda Furletti

Baby Wonderland's guest interview with Belinda Furletti. This photographer is based in Seaford.

Newborn and Family Photographer | Bellyboo Photography

Belinda Furletti

BUSINESS: Bellyboo Photography

LOCATION: Nepean Hwy Seaford, VIC, Australia

PHONE: 0430 320 253






1. What life experience made you become a Photographer?

Ever since I can remember, I have seen life through a lens. I lived to photograph and document everything and anything. When I became a mum, I started to photograph my children and know this was my passion and calling. I now run my own full-time photography business capturing beautiful families and babies all around Melbourne.

2. What makes your service unique?

My location is a photographers dream! I have a studio between the beach and Kananook Creek, offering both studio and outdoor photography all-inclusive in the session.

3. Describe your style.

I am a lover of prop. I have every prop imaginable! I like to use flowers, plants and lots of texture. I design sets that complement the baby's skin tone and work with my client's styling choice.
I use natural lighting for newborns to enhance every crease, from their tiny little heads right down to their toes. I love capturing the love, and connection parents have with their new baby. The moments they think the camera is not on them, I capture the glance or a kiss. These are the images that tell a beautiful love story.

4. Do you use a flash?

I prefer to use the natural light that beams through my studio; however, some days require a flashlight when we have those dark, gloomy days.

5. What should I wear to the photoshoot?

Firstly, something comfortable. A family photoshoot should be a relaxed and happy event. You want to look your best but also feel comfortable. Use colour & contrast to bring out the best in your features and skin tone. I advise my clients not to wear clothing with logos, heavy patterns, characters or bright neon colour as this will draw the focus away for your faces.

6. Do you have props and accessories or do I have to provide them?

I have a stunning collection of props; you'll be spoilt for choice! All of my outfits and fabrics are made with all-natural fibres that are gentle for your baby's delicate skin. I provide everything for your baby during the session. I do have an extensive collection of gowns that look stunning on new mums too.

7. Where does the session take place? Do you have a studion? Tell me about your studio.

I have a warm and welcoming studio filled with natural light. I have set my studio up for my clients to feel calm and relaxed. My studio temperature is set at 26 degrees to make newborns feel comfortable when I undress and change them from set to set. I do all of my family and sibling photos at the start of the session. Young children love to go out by the creek with a grown-up to see the ducks and fish swimming around while I finish capturing lovely memories of their newest addition.

8. Can we do a home session even when our home isn't well-lighted?

Yes, defiantly! I have a portable lighting that I can set up anywhere.

9. What happens if the kids don't behave on the day?

Most of the time, I find when a child gets upset, I suggest we all head outside to see the ducks or short walk over to the beach with some bubbles. If we spend 10 to 15 minutes doing what they want and getting to know each other, by the time we head back to the studio, we're all best buddies! However, this doesn't always work out. Sometimes, a child may be cutting a tooth, coming down with something or just having an off day. It happens. I would offer to reschedule for another time.

10. I have a couple of cute photos from Pinterest, can we do those?

Yes, I love recreating new poses for my clients.

11. What can I do to help ensure that the photo shoot goes smoothly?

Once a client books their session, I send an information and styling guide that will help them prepare their baby and themselves for a memorable photo shoot.

12. What are your packages and inclusives?

My newborn package is $329 and includes my creativity, props and style of your choice, plus ten stunning digital images and access to an online gallery displaying your beautiful collection.

13. What camera do you use? What's your favorite lens?

I use a Canon 5D Mark 2. My favourite lens for newborns at the moment is the Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM Art Lens. I love the clarity and depth of field.

14. How long before I get my photos?

I email my clients a link to an online gallery with their stunning collection two weeks after the session.

15. How far ahead do I need to book?

I recommend booking or contacting me before your baby arrives to ensure I have the date and time available for you. Newborn babies are ideally best captured between 5 and 14 days old while your baby is still so tiny and sleepy. You'll be amazed at how strong and how fast your new baby will grow in the first few weeks. I can photograph older babies, but given their strength and alertness, this will change the style of image and prop used for the session.

16. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

If you decide I'm the right photographer for you contact me today and mention baby wonderland for a free mini maternity session.

17. What's the best way to get in touch?

By phone 0430320253 or email me at belinda@bellyboophotography.com
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