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A picture speaks a thousand words, a photographer is here to capture and record important events in lifelike newborn and their milestone. This is especially relevant during maternity when a baby is conceived to arrive into the world after 9 months. With such a big change, life starts to move, ever so fast, as the planning for this little life begins as well.

Baby Wonderland is here to help you find the best birth photographers in Perth able to have a great photo from maternity up to your newborn's milestone and cake smash.

1. Sara Bresser Birth Photography

Address: Duncraig. WA, Australia

Phone: +61 408 922 106

Open Hours: Always Open

Service Types: Maternity Photography, Birth Photography, Storytelling Documentary Sessions

AVG Reviews from Google: 5/5 out for 25 reviews as of April 21 2021

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If you’re considering booking with Sara, I highly recommend you just do it!

We had such a wonderful experience; from our first enquiry, to receiving the beautifully presented prints of our bub. We had Sara visit our home for a Fourth Trimester shoot after I realised just how quickly our little one was growing and changing. Sara captured that memory for us, which we will treasure forever.

Sara helped put us at ease throughout the shoot with her calm and friendly nature. She has a fly-on-the-wall style approach, and every shot felt deliberate and meaningful.

Most of all we love the pictures she took! They now adorn our home, and bring us so much joy to look at.

Thanks again, Sara!



 It’s an art that acknowledges the beginnings of every human being. A reminder that where love begins is where we will always belong.

Whether you are a new mother, father, grandparent or sibling, to feel seen in your transition, through the lens of someone who sits outside the walls of your own little world, holds so much power for the path ahead. 

It’s an acknowledgment like no other. A reminder of your innate connection to those you love; the kind of memory you won’t find embedded in the space of a selfie or when an important person of the family is on the wrong side of the camera. 

Being witnessed in the frame of your most unforgettable moments is what cements your sense of belonging to something so much bigger than you; The kind of belonging that drives mothers and families forward into a lifetime of togetherness.

2. Cat Fancote Photography

Address: Perth. WA, Australia

Phone: +61 459 912 283

Open Hours: Always Open

Service Types: Maternity, Birth & Newborn Photography

AVG Reviews from Google: 5/5 out for 7 reviews as of April 21 2021

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Cat has photographed both our children's births and our family photos a month or so after the kids births. She is such a nurturing and warm hearted soul, who really respects the space a woman is in during birth. She has captured some of the most beautiful images of our boys, and I'm entirely grateful for the care, love and respect we received from her.


Hello! I'm Cat - a Perth based Birth Photographer with a passion for artistically capturing the beauty and emotion of birth. I have been documenting births for families in and around Perth since 2015, and consider myself to be quite the birth nerd.

I believe your baby's birth is a story worth documenting. There will be moments of strength, exhaustion, vulnerability, happiness and so much love! And many tiny details, as insignificant as they may seem, that you will be ever so grateful to have captured to reflect back on and share with your loved ones.

I don't really need to convince you do I? You're already here looking for the perfect birth photographer. So off you go, have a good look around my site and then get in touch. I'd love to meet with you for a cuppa and a chat.

3. Amber May Photography

Address: Perth. WA, Australia

Phone: +61 406 529 081

Open Hours: Always Open

Service Types: Maternity, Birth & Newborn Photography

AVG Reviews from Google: 5/5 out for 10 reviews as of April 21, 2021,

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Amber May was an absolute dream. She captured my birth so beautifully. Her presence is so gentle and calming, while capturing so many precious moments that can be immortalized forever. Having my photos to constantly look back on is something I will treasure forever, as it takes me back to the day I got to meet my third child. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend having Amber capture your birth, because she is truly amazing.




Thank you for being here, your journey to motherhood is so worthy of documenting.

I believe there’s something powerful and healing from seeing yourself from the outside. Your raw authenticity. From the moment I’m with you I wait for these moments to unfold. Pain. Humour. Vulnerability. Euphoria. Love.

I know first-hand just how awe-inspiring motherhood can be; my own two little ones changed my personal life while also shaping my creative one. Giving birth is one of the most real experiences that a human can go through and although nothing can prepare you for the surge of emotion you’ll feel on the day, my creative eye and empathic heart will help you remember all of the valuable moments. The highs and the lows. The raw and the real.


I would be honoured to be by your side supporting you during your journey to motherhood, preserving the life-changing memories that you’ll want to revisit when all is calm again. Let me join you on one of the most defining days of your life and empower you through all the blood, sweat, tears and - ultimately - boundless joy.

4. Four Element Photography

Address: 31 Pendleton Cres, Butler WA 6036, Australia

Phone: +61 423 281 474

Open Hours: Always Open

Service Types: Fresh 48, Birth & Newborn Photography

AVG Reviews from Google: 5/5 out for 1 review as of April 21, 2021

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Thank you Aileen, for the wonderful personalized experience we received while our son was in the NICU! You were incredibly understanding in such a difficult time and we will always cherish the preserved memories you have created for us.


Hi, and welcome to Four Element Photography.

Let us begin by saying Congratulations on your expected bundle of joy!

I'm Aileen and I specialise in Birth, NICU and Fresh 48 photography at all major hospitals across Perth metropolitan including Joondalup Health Campus, St John of God - Midland, Peel Health Campus and everything in between.

Four Element Photography has been running for 7 years and during the last 3 years we have moved to only Birth, NICU and Fresh 48 photography.

5. Janelle Kamp Photography

Address: Perth, WA, Australia

Phone: +61 412 557 881

Service Types: Family, Maternity,  Birth & Newborn Photography

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No Google/Facebook Reviews as of April 21 2021



Janelle Kamp offers a friendly, relaxed and professional photography service,  in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.  Janelle specialises in Newborn, Baby, Maternity, Birth & Family photography. 

Janelle is also a passionate birth advocate & birth photographer, and available to professionally capture one of the most memorable days in your life - your baby's birth day.

Whether you are after a photographer to capture your pregnancy glow, your sweet little newborn, your wedding day, or your baby's birth day; Janelle is sure to exceed your expectations with her friendly nature, relaxed approach, unbeatable customer service, professionalism, and of course her amazing high quality images - capturing all of life's special memories for you to treasure forever!

6. Sarah Kate Photography

Address: Perth, WA, Australia, Western Australia

Phone: +61 4405 520 431

Service Types: Cake Smash, Maternity,  Birth & Newborn Photography

AVG Reviews on Facebook: 5/5 out of 12 as of April 21 2021

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Sarah was so amazing! She did a family shoot for me! And wow she went above and beyond. I couldn’t work out how to get the photos printed off my phone so she took time out of her own time to copy them all to a USB for me. Would highly recommend! She was so lovely to deal with and the photos came out so amazing!!!!! Can’t wait to gift them to mum for Xmas. Thanks sarah for an overall amazing experience xx


Hi I'm Sarah and I have had a love of photography for as long as I can remember. Sarah Kate Photography launched back in 2010, but prior to this I worked for a number of other photography studios in Perth. As an award winning AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer I love creating beautiful artwork your family can treasure for generations to come. I am a mother myself and understand how hard it can be to get photos of your children or even being in a photo with your family (hands up if your always taking the photo and never in them!) - Let me take the stress away and take some gorgeous images for you and your loved ones.

7. Ryan Thompson Design

Address: Perth, WA, Australia

Phone: +61 427 072 077

Open Hours: Always Open

Service Types: Maternity,  Birth & Newborn Photography

AVG Reviews on Facebook: 5/5 out of 4 reviews as of April 21 2021

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I am so grateful we found Ryan and trusted her to capture our son’s birth. She did it so beautifully and produced the most breathtaking photos for us that we will treasure forever. Ryan was professional and discreet during the birth, allowing my husband and I to share moments together completely undisturbed. Yet she was also an amazing birth partner when I needed support, bringing such a calming presence to the room, and I won’t forget her words of encouragement throughout. She is so talented at what she does, and we can’t thank her enough.


Started by Ryan Thompson, Ryan Thompson Photography specialises in Birth and Milestone photography. Ryan loves capturing the special unseen moments of your birth, such as cutting the umbilical cord, the first cry, and the first feeding. Your friends and family will adore seeing these images and allow them to feel as if they were right there with you. A passionate woman with a knack for capturing emotions into photos, Ryan will be there for you throughout the planning process and remain unobtrusive during your birth. Ryan Thompson Photography offers two birth packages with payment plans to ensure everyone can receive stunning childbirth photography. 

8. Alana Prosper Photography

Address: Tapping Perth, WA, Australia

Phone: 0418 954 299

Open Hours: Always Open

Service Types: Fresh 48, Family, Couple, Events,  Lifestyle,  Maternity,  Birth & Newborn Photography

AVG Reviews on Facebook: 5/5 out of 34 reviews as of April 21 2021

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Alana's work is absolutely incredible, not only does it show in her photographs but she has this ability to make you feel completely comfortable and at ease no matter how silly you think you look. She's very easy to talk to and makes sure you understand her intent behind the images  and uses her experience to get you the best possible results. 

Her images portray in my opinion a real autheticness in the subject she's photographing, there's no perfect 'posing' you simply be yourself-with a bit of silly- and she manages to capture a side of you that you may never have seen of yourself before. My partner and i were blown away by our photographs. 10/10 


Thank you for considering me to capture some beautiful memories for you and to help you tell your story!! I’m passionate about giving you beautiful images which will not only mean so much to you today, but will mean even more to you as time passes and everything changes. And it all changes sooo quickly!! One day you’ll come across these photos and you’ll be transported back in time…you’ll remember the way you used to look down at your pregnant tummy as your journey as a family was just beginning… you’ll remember the emotions you felt as you locked eyes on your new little baby for the very first time…you’ll remember the couch you used to sit on as you held your baby while she slept… the way your son was not complete without his bunny and how your daughter used to play with your hair as she cuddled you…you’ll remember a little bit about the way life used to look as a family during this chapter of your life. All those little details, those ‘normal’ moments and natural connections – those are the ones that become the big moments. Those are the ones you’ll miss and the ones which change oh so quickly. These are the moments I want to capture for you, because they’re the moments that mean the most to me too.

I’m a storyteller through my photos. I’m not the photographer for you if you only want a few ‘smile at the camera’ portraits. That’s not what I’m about. I don’t want to capture a stiff, fake pose. I want to capture YOU. I have a lifestyle approach to photography and I want us to have FUN during our sessions so I can capture those natural moments and genuine connections! Don’t worry about looking at the camera – in fact, I don’t really want you to look at the camera at all! Don’t worry about how your kids are behaving (seriously – don’t stress! I just want to capture them as they are, not as perfect versions of themselves and I promise to still get beautiful photos!). Whether we’re on location during the gorgeous Golden Hour, or we’re capturing memories in your own home, my focus is always the same. It’s on capturing connection and on preserving the memories which mean the most to you – and I want to have fun while we do it!!

I’m a mum to 4 beautiful children (one girl and three boys), so I totally get that life with kids is both beautiful AND chaotic!! My kids are my world, and I also know the bittersweet ache of watching them grow up (does anyone else get emotional at birthdays?!). Photography is a passion from waaay back – even as a kid I was the one with a camera in my hand and that passion has only grown since having my own family. As well as photography, I love coffee (pretty much a necessity with 4 kids!), shopping, indulging in great food (but not cooking it!), and being able to be there for all those special moments with my friends and family. My life is busy, chaotic and full on – and I love it! I’m a firm believer that there’s beauty in chaos, you just have to see it!

If you’d love to capture some genuine, real life connections in a fun and relaxed session, then Contact me here! I’d love to hear from you and help you tell your story!

9. Head First Birth Photography

Address: Maylands, WA, Australia 6051

Open Hours: Always Open

Service Types: Fresh 48, Family, Couple, Events,  Lifestyle,  Maternity,  Birth & Newborn Photography

AVG Reviews on Facebook: 5/5 out of 1 review as of April 21 2021

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Elaine took wonderful photos of our baby boy when he was only an hour old. She's friendly, engaging and great with kids (perfect for those "older sibling meets new baby" pics). I got my photos very quickly and I couldn't be happier with them.


Many people tell me they wish they had photographs of their children's births -myself included.  I have one photo of my firstborn taken at about 2 hours old and unfortunately none of my second. Having a baby is a momentous occasion, right up there with weddings and milestone birthdays. There should be photographs!  Birth is also a private and emotional event and I would be honoured to capture those precious moments for you.

You see your world begin to spin around this child.  And you want everyone to see.  You love the comments pouring in, you love the likes and the hearts.  I know you do so contact us today to visit our studios! I encourage you, if you are expecting, give your baby and yourself the gift of this experience and images that will last a long time. Book your photo session ahead in one of these photographers by visiting their websites!

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