Top 10 Birth Photographers in Melbourne

A picture speaks a thousand words, a photographer is here to capture and record important events in lifelike newborn and their milestone. This is especially relevant during maternity when a baby is conceived to arrive into the world after 9 months. With such a big change, life starts to move, ever so fast, as the planning for this little life begins as well.

Baby Wonderland is here to help you find the best birth photographers in Melbourne able to have a great photo from maternity up to your newborn's milestone and cake smash.

1. Kathleen Amy Melbourne Birth Photographer

Address: South Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Service Types: Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

AVG Reviews from Facebook: 5/5 out for 1 review as of April 19 2021

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Kathleen is an absolute gem to work with. She is super professional, communicates my thoughts exactly as I wanted them, kept on top of me so that I would miss my engagement deadlines with my audience. She a kind soul, an amazing professional and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants content writer and a social content community engagement and virtual assistant.


I know how hard it is to run a business whilst growing a whole human…

In fact, it’s exactly where and how I started mine.

32 weeks pregnant, with a toddler at home. I was preparing mentally, emotionally and physically to home birth my second baby  whilst in the throes of birthing my business- Abloom & Co. Virtual Assistant Services.

With the mental and emotional support from my Doula and Birth Photographer, Private Midwives and Foundational Self-Care Practices, my business absolutely flourished. I literally pulled together a village to help support me in pregnancy, birth and postpartum and it was PRICELESS.

I felt so much ease in this transformational time and I know that you can too. The space that was held for me by my Birth Photographer and Doula helped facilitate my smooth transition into life with two under two and a business. And it got me thinking, how much MORE ease would I have continued to feel if I had also planned for this space to be held in my business?

A unicorn combination of Birth Photography AND Business Assistance? That doesn’t exi….Oh yes, it does now. And it’s exactly how the new phase of my support was born.

An offering that supports the thinkers, the questioners, the healers, the families, the mothers, the fathers, the people who tirelessly integrate their business, their life and parenthood each and every day.

People exactly like you.

A Business Doula and Photographer? Thats me, Kathleen Amy

2. Veronika Sanderson Photography

Address: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Phone: 0431 435 800

Open Hours: Always Open

Service Types: Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

AVG Reviews from Facebook: 4.6/5 out for 9 reviews as of April 19 2021

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Precious moments in time pass by in the blink of an eye yet Veronika Sanderson has this amazing knack to capture so many of these beautiful moments and turn them into breath taking memories.  I have used Veronika's talents in a maternity shoot and following the the arrival of our baby girl.  Not only are the photos we are left with stunning, the experience throughout the shoot with Veronika is such a positive one too.  Thank you Veronika.



My photography journey began early as a curious young girl living in Czech Republic. I was always surrounded by the arts – my Mum worked in a University brimming with photographers, I remember gazing with wide eyed wonder at the incredible photos adorning walls.

As long as I remember, I’ve taken photos. First with an automatic camera using old school film (when days left like years as I waited impatiently for the local pharmacy to process my pictures). I then moved to my beloved Polaroid as I collected childhood memories that are still lovingly stored in shoe boxes at home. From there, my parents bought my first point-and-shoot, which I still have to this day.

Then came my family in a wonderful whirlwind of time. And with it came the chaos, exhaustion, and unexplainable love. Having three children in five years shifted my focus, and called for many coffees, midnight Netflix binges and sleepless nights - and yet through it all, I still photographed. My lens shifted from the universe around me to the universe within – chasing my crazy children and chasing the light at the same time.

What I love more than anything is capturing all those incredible moments in people’s lives that if you blink, you’ll miss - families, newborns and most importantly birth.

I feel I meant to be around birthing mothers…Did I miss my calling to be a midwife? I’d never know but ever since seeing photos of birth I was hooked and I knew this is something I MUST do. I can’t really explain it but it’s never ending challenge to work in a conditions that only the most fortunate get to be. To be there for you and capture the moments that will never be repeated again is my ultimate purpose.

So let’s have a cuppa and chat about all the exciting times ahead xxx

3. Bec Matheson Photography

Address: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Service Types: Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

AVG Reviews from Facebook: 5/5 out for 5 reviews as of April 19 2021

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Bec is amazeballs. She's an amazing photographer that somehow manages to take better than real life pictures of her families. She made us feel so at ease and her style of photography works perfectly for people who aren't into posing like mannequins. The hour just breezed by. We are due for our next lot of pictures and can't wait till the next session 🙂 Also, she's a good egg.



You don’t need to pretend or dress up. You don’t need to have a particular style of home or fancy decor. You’re already in this glorious life. Invite me along and I promise to be present to your real moments and focus on the things that matter so that you can have them for keeps.

I love to photograph people, however, you come! These days my primary focus is on families, newborns and birth photography – I do however accept a limited number of weddings each year. It’s one of my all-time favourite things when couples invite me back when they’ve had babies! Please enquire as soon as you know the dates to avoid disappointment.

4. Beck Holder Photography

Address: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Phone: +61 412 186 711

Open Hours: 8am - 8:30pm

Service Types: Family, Kids Parties, Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

AVG reviews from Google: 4.5 / 5 out of 8 reviews as of April 20

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Beck, you have given us so many beautiful photos of our very large extended family - no easy task! Thank you for your patience, warmth and for making everyone feel relaxed and comfortable! HIGHLY recommend Beck Holder for large group and family photo shoots.


I have always been a passionate memory keeper, a sentimental soul and the one with her camera in hand. 

As a mum to two young children myself, I appreciate now, more than ever, how quickly time skips by. 

Photographs have the power to transport us back to a moment in time. They document how life is and how it was.

They tell our stories. 

They show our contentedness.

The everyday moments. 

The perfect imperfection of life. 

Its quirks and faces. 

The way we lived. 

The things we did.

These are what I want to capture for my family and yours. 

To provide you with photographs that will take you back to 'right now' and warm your heart in the years ahead.

My style is casual, natural and relaxed. It is authentic and real.

As a mum and a Primary School Teacher, I have a collection of tricks to engage little ones... even the tricky ones!

My aim is for you all to be comfortable in front of my camera, as you interact with each other & to capture photos that you will LOVE.

5. Katie Lynch Photography

Address: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Open Hours: Always Open

Service Types: Family, Kids Parties, Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

AVG reviews from Facebook: 5/5 out of 8 reviews as of April 20 2021

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Omg! Katie is amazing! We are not at all photogenic and somehow always manage to have photos taken at all the wrong angles. Our session with Katie was at the beach and I was skeptical. But I was so wrong! Our photos turned out to be so beautiful (I even like myself in them) and so natural, we really just felt like we were catching up with an old friend, who just happened to have a camera. There was no awkward posing, or saying cheese. Katie captured our family candidly, in the moment, and we will cherish these images for years to come. Katie, thank you so much for making this so easy, and capturing our new family in this crazy year. We are so grateful!


I've sat in the mud on the sidelines of football grounds, worked rooms with models and athletes, been pushed around on the rails of concerts; for the last decade I've been taking pictures of absolutely everything and nothing makes me feel more alive.

I'm totally fascinated by the honest human reaction. The good, the bad, all of it. I look for it in life and I look for it in my work.

After I'd experienced birth - the first time an emergency c-section, the second an unbelievable VBAC, that was when I realised I'd found something I was truly passionate about. There is nothing that rivals the physical and emotional ROLLER COASTER that is birth. I am in awe every single time I get the privilege to capture the biggest day of someone's life.

I'm an advocate for gentle birth, for VBAC, for feeling empowered, for being educated and for knowing that this is YOUR birth experience and you actually have a say in how you would like it to happen. And while you're busy focusing on bringing that beautiful baby into the world, I'm going to be there documenting it, in the most respectful, unobtrusive way.. making sure you have an unbelievable story to tell, and the pictures to go with it.

6. ENG Photography and Design

Address: Boronia, VIC, Australia

Phone: 0423 517 101

Service Types: Family, Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

NO reviews from Facebook: April 20 2021

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Reviews on Google



ENG photography specialises in maternity, birth, newborn and family photography. We are situated in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Boronia.

7. Jana Woodhouse

Address: Berwick, VIC, Australia

Service Types: Weddings, Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

AVG reviews from Facebook: 5/5 out of 3 reviews as of April 20 2021

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amazing!!! she just has a knack at capturing the most beautiful shots


To put it simply, birth is amazing. It’s beautiful and empowering and one of the most incredible things that we as humans can do to create life. Even before having my own children, birth was something that totally inspired me and left me in awe. After the birth of my first baby, a moment that was one of the best in my life, I knew that I wanted to capture and savour that very moment for women when they meet their babies for the very first time.

Mainstream birth culture seems to be filled with so much fear and this fear is validated with Hollywood perceptions of what birth is. As a result, many women choose not to have their birth photographed.

But there are so many reasons why you would want your birth visually documented.

Birth is so much more than birth canals and bodily fluids. It’s the tiny moments that change everything. We’ve documented so much of our lives, why would we not document the day that we’ve longed for for nine months…some maybe even years.

Photography can be an excellent tool to piece together the timeline of your birth story and help to control feelings by reliving that experience. It can help keep that wonderful oxytocin hormone flowing and ride that high just a little bit longer. Having your birth captured can make you feel empowered and when looking back at your images, no matter how you birthed, you can proudly say, “I did that”. You will never regret being able to look back at the very moment your child entered the world.

While I wish nothing less for a womens birth experience to be positive and empowering, unfortunately women do experience birth trauma. Birth photography can be a way to help you process this trauma, validate and comfort those negative feelings and heal that experience in way to move forward.

When hiring me as your birth photographer, I consider it a huge honour to be invited into such a sacred, private and intimate space. I am well aware and have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the birth process, birth space and the sacred moment that is birth. I acknowledge and respect the people who are caring for the birthing mother and am whole heartedly committed to working together to provide the best and most positive experience possible. I work unobtrusively and candidly, capturing moments as they happen in a way that visually documents a birth story for a mother to relive, process and cherish. 

If you’re an expecting mama and having your birth captured by me is something you’d like to chat more about, get in touch via the contact form. I’d love to hear from you!

8. Lacey Barrat

Address: 3 Davis Court, Altona Meadows, VIC, Australia, Victoria

Phone: +61 422 391 205

Service Types Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

AVG reviews from Facebook: 4.8/5 out of 233  reviews as of April 20 2021

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Lacey has a talent to capture the tiniest details that bring forth the most powerful emotions and make beautiful memories timeless. She is a uplifting to be around and such a joy to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough. You will not regret investing in her magic.


Lacey is also an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), a part of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, Birth Photographers Australia, and Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project by Leilani Rogers #PBAP. More recently, she has started her own campaign #humansuncensored to help desexualise human bodies, men and women alike.

Lacey has been recognised locally for the impact that her imagery has made on her community. She was nominated as a finalist for the “Fair Go” Pride of Australia Medal in 2014. She has also been interviewed by NT News, ABC Radio, Positive Birth Movement Melbourne, and has spoken to a group of women about the “love yourself” campaign- loving your body postpartum, through the Office of Woman’s Advancement NT. She is an avid lover of birth, breastfeeding, and babywearing.

In 2015 Lacey was awarded NT Documentary Photographer of the Year 2015.

AIPP VPPY 2016 Lacey submitted 8 entries with 6 of them being awarded.  Lacey was awarded the EPSON AIPP VPPY Documentary Photographer of the Year 2016 making her a multi-award winning Professional Photographer.

9. Liane Bourke Photography

Address: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Service Types Family, Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

No Review on Google/Facebook reviews as of April 20 2021

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Google My Business:




Allow me to explain. I had taken time off from my government job to breathe and have some space for creativity. My saturn return was in full swing and I knew I didn’t want to be both 30 years old and working a miserable job. I’d signed up for a photography workshop on a whim. It was pitched at people running a photography business which …. I wasn’t. *insert fraudy feelings here*

As I looked at the work of the other participants in the lead up to the workshop I got increasingly nervous. It was a weekend workshop about an hour away from my home, as I drove I convinced myself that I just needed to show up and if I was too out of my depth I could leave. It was about 3 mins in that my nervousness dropped away. The facilitator was captivating. I was learning SO much and it didn’t matter that I wasn’t yet running the business, it gave me the foundation that I needed to start.

The second day of the workshop we were reviewing our inspiration images and the facilitator looked right at me and said:

“liane, do you want to be a birth photographer?”

Cue opening up the heavens and the sound of angels singing:  YES. I think I was more surprised than she was. In that moment I realised this is my calling, the work I am here to do and I’ve been shooting births ever since.

And from home births to hospital births, slow quiet births to really fast precipitous births


10. Butterfly Beginnings

Address: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Service Types Family, Birth, Newborn & Maternity Photography

AVG Google Reviews on Google: 4.⅘ out of 28 reviews as of April 20 2021

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I had such an amazing experience with Dee for my placenta encapsulation. I had been looking into the best options available and stumbled across the site. As soon as I reached out Dee was highly Professional  and informative. She explained all the options available. This was so important to me as I was unsure how I wanted to go about it.

As soon as I had given birth she was quickly attentive which enabled a smooth process and I couldn’t believe how quickly the capsules came- in 2 days. She also provided me with expert advice for Breastfeeding. I am so very grateful!!!! Thank you for giving me a positive experience. Ladies if you are thinking of getting your placenta encapsulated I would highly recommend using Dee, she was amazing!


Butterfly Beginnings is a Melbourne based Perinatal Doula and birth work service offering a nurturing, encouraging, professional service with information and practical support from pre conception right through to early parenting.

Whether it be a public or private hospital or even a home birth...

You may like more confidence with your birth plan or mapping.  Even perhaps some postnatal planning and support.  Do you have any fear and anxiety about what lies ahead, or you may already know the importance of having a nurturing support post birth and mentor in those early parenting years... Often parenting is more about nurture than nature in our community of living so far from our usual support and guidance networks. Butterfly Beginnings Doula and Family Services are excited that you are exploring us as an option to hold the privilege in nurturing and guiding your family!


Our Clinic is Bayside Melbourne based, however, we also come to you around Melbourne Metro and nationally, offering birth, prenatal and postnatal Doulas. Providing guiding care, planning, equipment and resources, all whilst nurturing and encouraging the creation of empowering possibilities and memories for families within any environment.

We’re also constantly growing and learning, allowing us to provide up-to-date technology and information to support you along your journey through pregnancy, labour, infant parenting, and a changing family for the best possible outcomes. Whether it’s your first time expecting or the seventh time, every experience is a new and unpredictable one!

Let us help you to make the experience a little more predictable in the direction and outcomes you particularly desire.

You see your world begin to spin around this child.  And you want everyone to see.  You love the comments pouring in, you love the likes and the hearts.  I know you do so contact us today to visit our studios! I encourage you, if you are expecting, give your baby and yourself the gift of this experience and images that will last a long time. Book your photo session ahead in one of these photographers by visiting their websites!

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