19 Questions with Britt Spring Photography

Baby Wonderland's guest interview with Britt Spring. This photographer is based in Northern Brisbane.

Britt Spring Photography

Britt Spring Photography

BUSINESS: Britt Spring Photography

LOCATION: Newstead Ave, Brisbane City QLD 4006, Australia

PHONE: +61 478 416 657




PACKAGE 1: $600

PACKAGE 2: $950

PACKAGE 3: $1600

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$40 - Digital Image

$90 - 5x7" Fine Art Print + Digital

$120 - 8x10" Fine Art Print + Digital

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1. What life experience made you become a Photographer?

Camping through Europe for 5 weeks after getting married at 22. I bought a new camera for the trip and expected my images to look amazing and they didn't. They were pretty bad and actually to this day I have hardly any images from that amazing holiday. They were all on film too as that was what we used. Even though they were rubbish, not even kidding, I still had a desire to learn and to one day be a photographer. But what kind??? I decided to go to College in Melbourne to learn photography and hopefully that would steer me in the right direction. That didn't help either, at the end of it I was more confused and had no idea what I wanted to do and I knew with certainty that I didn't want to photograph people. So I practiced my butt off and tried all of the kinds of photography. Landscape, nature, macro, animals, babies, couples.... wow I loved photographing people who would of thought? I realised that a lot of portrait photography is connecting with people and it seems this is my super power, wow. So I practiced and practiced and did free shoots on the weekend for a few years while working as a PA in Melbourne and then finally I got made redundant in 2009 and I have never looked back. True story.

2. What makes your service unique?

Oh this is a good question and probably the hardest to answer without sounding cheesy. To be honest I always make sure my customers get to know me by looking through my portfolio and my reviews on Google way before the book me. I think my photos and past clients can say it better than me. My goal is that my clients have the correct expectations before they book me. They know my style, love my work and they trust me. When my client receives the gallery they are over the moon not confused or disappointed. I try to achieve that with good communication before the photoshoot with a phone call and my Style Guide.
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3. How did you get started and build a client base?

Lots and lots of hard work. Free shoots were essential until I felt that I could produce a portfolio that not only looked good but most importantly I could reproduce for a paying client. So many get caught up in just producing one off gorgeous images that they can put onto a website and then wonder why their clients are not happy after the shoot. That's because they were expecting the images you had in your portfolio and you didn't deliver them. This is a sign you are charging too early and you need to take a step or two back. Trust and reputation is everything in this business so the choices you make at the beginning can help or harm you.

4. Describe your style.

My heart sings when someone comments on the connection I captured between family members or the little child in thought. I hope that when people see my images they aren't wondering how I edit them. My style is romantic, pretty, natural and artistic.

5. Do you offer posed newborn sessions? Do you bring props along?

Not at the moment

6. When is the best time to have a newborn session?


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7. What should I wear to the shoot?

Personally, I view hiring a professional photographer as a really special event. I approach photoshoots as if I were going to have my portraits taken. I consider what kind of help I'd like to receive. So I have a Style Guide I send to all of my clients before the photoshoot to softly guide them into choosing the right outfit for them. At the end of the day, I don't care what you wear but if you ask me I will always say - don't wear black or dark colours. Pretty much my only "rule". But most people who book me know my style and already love it so they are excited to follow my suggestions.

8. Do you have props and accessories or do I have to provide them?

No I don't use props. I bring a blanket to sit on & bug spray haha. I tell all of my clients I don't bring props but if they have something they would like to bring and it means something to them as a family then go right ahead. I feel like it's not really a prop then is it?

9. What are your packages and inclusive?

I have a Session Fee that locks in the session with me and then after the photoshoot my clients choosing which package they want based on how many images they want and their budget. Pretty straight forward. All of my pricing is on my website.

10. What Happens if kids don't behave on the day?

Kids never behave on the day! hahaha. They are kids. It's part of the process. I spend a lot of my time reassuring parents that this is normal. The best thing you can do as a parent is to keep calm because kids pick up on your stress. Don't give them lollies Bring good nutritious snacks for the kids

11. Tell us about your studio.


12. What camera do you use?

Two Canon R6 Mirrorless

13. What is your favorite lens?

35mm Sigma Art

14. Can I book a session if my newborn has already arrived? What if they are older than the recommended days?


Alice _ 6 weeks By Wildwood Photography 003

15. Tell me a shoot you'll never forget.


16. How long before I get my photos?

Within 2 weeks is what I aim to achieve

17. What’s the best way to get in touch?

Email or phone is the best way. I do love a chat.

18. How far ahead do I need to book?

If you are looking for a weekend shoot I only have 3 spots available for the rest of the year but during the week is very flexible.

19. Is there anything else you would like to share to us?


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