What Happens To Your Body While Pregnant

A woman's body goes through numerous changes during the nine months of pregnancy. A portion of these actual changes is noticeable, for example, a growing tummy and weight gain, while others are notable, for example, an enlarged uterus, morning sickness, and backaches. There are also some pregnancy health ideas to check into.

However, a couple of substantial changes might be sudden and get a few ladies by surprise. There a lot of body changes while pregnant. So, here is Baby Wonderland's ideas about how your body changes during your pregnancy:

pregnant woman

You Build Up A Dark Side 

What does being pregnant feel like at first? Notice a dark line growing down your stomach and your belly button getting somewhat brown? Known as the linea nigrea, it's actually always there, yet pregnancy hormones change the pigmentation in our skin to make it show more. However, skin darkening doesn't really stop there.

A few ladies get dark spots or patches on their face called melasma. Slathering on sunscreen can help forestall the feared pregnancy mask from becoming worse. You can also check on the ultimate pregnancy to-do list. GTK!

Weight Gain, Fluid Retention, And Physical Activity 

How soon does your body change when pregnant? Weight gain in pregnant women increases the workload on the body from any physical activity. This additional weight and gravity hinder the flow of blood and bodily fluids, especially in the lower appendages.

Therefore, pregnant ladies hold fluids and experience swelling of the face and appendages. This water weight includes another impediment on work out. Find out about natural medicines for swollen hands. You should also check ideal food choices for pregnant women.

Numerous ladies start to see slight swelling during the second trimester. It frequently proceeds into the third trimester. This increase in fluid retention is responsible for a lot of weight gain ladies experience during pregnancy. Tips for easing swelling include:

  • rest
  • maintain a strategic distance from long periods of standing
  • maintain a strategic distance from caffeine and sodium
  • increase dietary potassium

Weight gain is generally the essential reason that the body can't endure pre-pregnancy levels of exercise. This even applies to the seasoned, elite, or expert competitor. Round ligament strain, increased size of the uterus, and pelvic instability from the laxity of the ligaments may prompt increased inconvenience during exercise.

Tip: For fun, snap a picture of yourself from the side profile right off the bat in your pregnancy, utilizing your best posture. Snap another picture close to your due date and analyze these side profiles. The changes are exceptional, right?


Numerous pregnant ladies complain of dizziness and light-headedness all throughout their pregnancies. Fainting is uncommon, however, happens even in some healthy pregnant ladies. There are numerous reasons for these symptoms. The development of more blood vessels in early pregnancy, the pressure of the expanding uterus on blood vessels, and the body's increased requirement for food all can cause a pregnant lady to feel discombobulated and dazed.

Midsection Button 

As a lady's mid-region expands late in the second trimester or during the third, her button will, in general, pop out. This could make an innie resemble an outie, and an outie sticks out significantly more. This is one of the early pregnancy side effect.

Your Vagina Gets Unrecognizable

Hold up: you may find that when an infant is on board, your vag really changes color—turning a blue or purple tone (called Chadwick Sign). Likewise: It may swell up because of the increased blood flow. You additionally may see that you have an alternate smell down there or increased discharge. But wait—there's more (and it's the freakiest part): About 10% of pregnant ladies end up with vulvar varicose veins. Indeed, you read that right: your hoo-ha can really begin wearing swollen, sore, and blue varicose veins because of the pressure and weight of the uterus causing a decline in the blood return from your lower body. The uplifting news: They should all unmistakably clear up in a few weeks after your delivery. Phew!

Here are only a portion of the changes that your body will experience on the off chance that you are pregnant.

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