Taking care of a newborn is a big and only task for a mother during those initial days. It’s also quite a challenging period for a mom because she has to recover from her delivery taking care of an infant in parallel.

Though you may have caretakers and a caring husband with you, you will be clueless about what to do when your baby cries or falls sick and makes a lot of fuss.

No matter how patient and loving you are to your baby, the helplessness may take a toll on your mental health. And don’t forget about the snide comments or unwanted advice you receive from all around you.

So, everything aside, there’s still your little one who needs your complete attention and care, and here you can learn some tips on how to deal when your infant is crying and making a fuss.

Baby Massage
Massaging a newborn is such a beautiful experience for both mom and baby. Not only does it strengthens the bond but also helps the baby to relieve gas and other discomforts. It helps the baby to calm down under the gentle pressure of your hands. If you want to learn more, you can learn here about the baby message and why it’s important. In many cultures, baby massage is extensively followed because it has many benefits for the baby. However, doing it in the right way is important to extract its benefits. Make sure the room is calm and warm and the baby is playing instead of crying. If you want, you can put on soothing music and you can also talk or sing to your baby to create a bond between you and your little one.


Every baby experiences colic and it’s a difficult situation for a mom to handle because there will be uncontrollable crying. And you may have to place the baby on your shoulder to keep the baby from crying. And again baby massage during the evening or late at night can help your baby to be calm. You can also use colic drops before feeding.

Bath and mositurisation

Newborns don’t need to be bathed often as they accumulate less dirt if you don’t count the occasional milk splits.

Bathe them in a warm water and use mild soap to wash off the sweat and other dirt. Be careful when you are washing face and neck, and make sure to clean the folds and diaper area properly. Also, the baby has to be calm so it’s better to feed the baby at least 30 min before.

After the bath, use a mild moisturiser and apply it all around the baby’s body. Don’t apply heavily during sensitive areas like the diaper area. After, use clean clothes to wrap the baby and don’t forget to cover the hands with mittens and legs with socks. It helps the baby to be warm during the initial days.

If possible, use long onesies that also cover the feet. The clothes shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. The loose clothes will make it difficult for the baby to move as the extra cloth comes in between the legs and hands.

Diaper rash

Diaper rash is something that every parent has to face. As a baby’s skin is sensitive to allergies and wetness, diaper rash is very common in babies. The rash appears to be red and little bubbles also appear on the affected area.

To prevent diaper rash, use baby-friendly rash cream before wearing the diaper. It should help the rash to not appear. And make sure to change the diaper immediately after the baby poops or after 4 hours. It’s also important to have diaper-free time to let the air circulate around the baby’s private parts.


Whether you want to breastfeed or to give formula is completely your choice and convenience. If you chose to breastfeed, then make sure you do it as soon as you give birth to boost the milk supply from your body. Know that the milk comes as a feed per demand rule.

If you chose formula, make sure to sterilise and clean the bottles every day. Also, mix the ratio properly and don’t forget to burp the baby after the feeding to remove gas from the baby’s body.


Some newborns are hard to keep calm. So make a habit to play music while the baby is about to sleep. For babies, white noise works wonders in keeping them calm. Try playing white noise when the baby is sleepy or fussy. It can help the baby to settle down and you can also feel relaxed knowing that your baby is calming down.

Swinging and rocking

Babies love rhythmic movements like constant and relaxing swinging and rocking. It’s the reason why swings and rockers are must-have furniture in your house. They not only help the baby to calm down but also puts them to sleep. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you can put babies in rockers to help them fall asleep.

Skin to skin

Babies love their mother’s contact through skin and smell. When nothing else is working, you can remove babies’ clothes and put them on your bare chest to help them feel close and safe to you. The babies feel as if they are inside your womb, warm and tight on your skin. The father can also try this method to help the baby grow the bond with both mother and father.

Talking and making eye contact

Babies also love their mother’s voice as they constantly listen to it while they are inside the womb. Always talk to your baby and don’t forget to give eye contact. Babies love this attention and make them feel safe and close to you. You can also sing your favourite songs and lullabies to your baby, and make the familiar with the outside environment.

Taking care of your health

As a new mom, you shouldn’t neglect to care for your baby and so shouldn’t about yourself. It can be overwhelming sometimes and don’t hesitate to take help. You should also have time to recover and have proper rest, especially in those initial months. Make sure the father participates in baby care, and don’t forget to have nutritious food. It should help in boosting your milk supply.

Enjoy motherhood

Everything in your life changes once you have the baby. No matter how things, you should enjoy the motherhood phase and if you are not able to, you can always seek help and take a break from other things like your career. You can always resume when you feel like you’re getting back to your normal life.

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