10 Questions with Susan Bradfield

Baby Wonderland's guest interview with Susan Bradfield of Susan Bradfield Photography. This photographer is based in Brighton studio and outdoors.

Susan Bradfield of Susan Bradfield Photography: Newborn & Family Photography

Susan Bradfield Photography

BUSINESS: Susan Bradfield Photography

LOCATION: Grandview Road, Brighton, Vic, 3186 Melbourne, VIC, Australia 3186

PHONE: 040 9015 598

Susan Bradfield


Packages start at $420 for 6 finely crafted and edited.
Digital images and their prints and required to pay
a non-refundable retainer of $250 upon booking

1. What life experience made you become a Photographer?

My love of getting to know people and being a mother to my two gorgeous children.

2. What makes your service unique?

I trained and worked as a physiotherapist before photography and always put safety of my clients first. I work with my clients to create the images they envision. I aim to show connection and love and personality in my images. I want to tell your story.

3. How did you get started and build a client base?

I started working as a landscape and travel photographer and then progressed to photographing families outdoors when I lived in Switzerland. When I moved home to live in Melbourne, I trained as a newborn and studio photographer. Most of my client base has been built from word of mouth.

4. Describe your style.

I love to capture moments that show personality, connection, and love.

5. Do you offer posed newborn sessions? Do you bring props along?

I offer posed and natural newborn sessions in my Melbourne Brighton studio. I have sourced props from all around the world and they are provided by me and included in each session.

6. When is the best time to have a newborn session?

I usually aim to shoot in the morning when babies are usually more settled.

7. What should I wear to the shoot?

If you are being photographed then wear something you feel good in!

8. Do you have props and accessories or do I have to provide them?

I have all props and accessories. If you have something meaningful you would like incorporated into the session please let me know and bring them long.

9. What are your packages and its inclusives?

Please contact me for all my package and pricing information.

10. What happens if kids don’t behave on the day?

Please bring your kids well rested and well fed to the session. Feel free to use bribery to ensure a smooth session! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to work with kids well behaved or otherwise.

11. Tell us about your studio.

My studio is an inviting space with room for clients to sit comfortably during newborn sessions.

12. What camera do you use?

Nikon D850 and Profoto lights.

13. What is your favourite lens?

This is shoot dependent.

14. Can I book a session if my newborn has already arrived? What if they are older than the recommended days?

This will be dependent on my schedule: it is recommended to book in your second trimester to ensure a booking with me as I do book well in advance. I do sessions with older babies and I am able to create beautiful images of them.

16. How long before I get my photos?

I spend a lot of time editing the best from each shoot. From shoot to viewing session usually takes 2-3 weeks.

17. What’s the best way to get in touch?

Via email or phone call. I'm always happy to have a chat and explain how I can work with you to achieve images you love.

18. How far ahead do I need to book?

For newborn sessions it is recommended to book in your second trimester.

19. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Safety of you and your baby is my highest priority. I am vaccinated and have ongoing training in newborn handling and photography. Safety always comes first.
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