Pregnancy Trimesters

Pregnancy is a journey that requires a healthy pregnancy diet to properly nourish both the mother and baby. Pregnant mothers should be aware of what they are putting into their bodies not only for themselves but also for their child as well. Prenatal vitamins should be taken every day as instructed by your doctor or other maternal health professional. Pregnancy trimesters are three distinct stages in a pregnancy. Pregnancy trimesters last for an average of 40 weeks each.

It is divided into three separate periods called trimesters. Pregnancy trimester is defined as the course of development that lasts about three months. Pregnant women should know what food to eat and how much they should be eating for the baby's development in each trimester. Pregnant women should also know how to exercise during pregnancy. Pregnancy exercises are safe and healthy moves that will not harm the growing baby. Pregnancy poses a different health risk to every woman, so it is important to talk with a specialist about what precautions to take when exercising during pregnancy. Pregnancy trimesters are divided into three distinct stages based on the development of the fetus. Pregnancy trimesters last for an average of 40 weeks each and there are third trimester symptoms not to ignore.

What to Expect in Each Trimester

Pregnancy Trimester 1: Embryonic Stage 

The first stage of pregnancy is called the embryonic period and lasts from week two to about week eight. The main development during this time is the growth of the baby's organs and major body parts. Pregnancy trimester 1 is divided into three periods: weeks two to four, weeks four to six, and weeks six to eight.

Pregnancy Trimester 2: Fetal Stage

During Pregnancy Trimester 2 - or Pregnancy Trimesters 3 and 4 - the baby is referred to as a fetus. Pregnancy Trimester 2 lasts from about week eight to week twenty-four, during which time most of the development occurs. Pregnancy trimester 2 is divided into three periods: weeks eight to ten, weeks ten to twelve, and weeks twelve to twenty-four.

Pregnancy Trimester 3:

Pregnancy Trimester 3 is termed the fetal period, which lasts from week twenty-four to Pregnancy Trimesters 4 and 5. Pregnancy trimesters 3 and 4 are when most of the growth happens, including the development of fingers, toes, eyes, ears, and more. Pregnancy trimester three lasts for approximately Pregnancy Trimesters 4 and 5. Pregnancy Trimester 3 is divided into three periods: weeks twenty-four to twenty-six, weeks twenty-six to thirty, and Pregnancy Trimesters 4 and Pregnancy Trimester 5. You can even have nausea third trimester.


The Excitement in the Third Trimester

When is third trimester? Pregnancy is a special time for expecting mothers, filled with excitement and preparing the soon-to-be nursery. The third trimester weeks can be an exciting time, too. Pregnancy progression does not mean that pregnancy symptoms will disappear especially in 35 weeks pregnant symptoms as you may experience braxton hicks feel like and 38 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore; rather, they may intensify as the baby grows. Since the end of pregnancy depends on when the baby decides to arrive (not the mother), the 3rd trimester may feel long and slow. However, there are a few things that mothers can look forward to as they grow near the end of their pregnancy journey. Pregnancy excitement is not limited to those who have successfully carried a baby for nine months—the 3rd trimester in weeks excitement will be experienced by mothers carrying babies with health concerns, too.

Stomach pain during pregnancy 3rd trimester? pelvic pressure during third trimester? Many pregnant women start preparing for labour early on with weird signs labor is near. They read up on what to expect during labour, the danger signs of pregnancy in third trimester, how they can prepare or what to do if certain complications arise. Pregnancy is an exciting and scary time for expecting mothers as some still experience third trimester vomiting and third trimester morning sickness, which makes them want to learn more and more about their options and how they can be ready for any situation that might happen during labour. Pregnant women know the excitement in the third trimester symptoms will lead them through labour as well because they are well prepared and know what to do in case of complications. Pregnant women feel the excitement in the third trimester and they love it!

For mothers carrying healthy babies, third-trimester excitement includes:

- Picking out a name

- Packing hospital bags

- Packing diaper bags and other baby essentials and choosing other items for the nursery such as paint colours and wall art. Visit your local hobby or craft store for inspiration.

- Picking out baby clothes and receiving gift baskets filled with baby goodies. Explore stores for great deals on baby items, especially clearance sales.

- Attending prenatal appointments with your physician to ensure that you and your growing baby are healthy. If any complications arise, seek immediate medical care.  Your provider will be able to inform you of any potential risks involved with your pregnancy, so be sure to ask! 

- Getting excited about meeting baby

As mother and baby bond and spend time together, the excitement of pregnancy will only continue to grow. Pregnancy is a special time in life.



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