The health of your loved ones is as much as important as your own. It is important that you would know where to run whenever you need medical assistance, especially for your kids. Having an idea where these paediatric clinics are located will not only put your mind at ease but also secure. Always keep your family healthy and happy.
Baby Wonderland is here to help you find the best Paediatric Clinics that will cater to your medical needs. Discover who is located near you!

1. Paedswest Clinic

ADDRESS: Perth, Australia

PHONE: 0431 976 260

SERVICE TYPES: Paediatric EEG service, Paediatric Neurology Services, Developmental Paediatrics Services, Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine Services

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We are the only providers in Western Australia of exclusive private EEG services for children. EEG(Electroencephalography) is a non-invasive test to record the electrical activity of the brain by using electrodes applied to the scalp. It is an extremely useful test in neurology and is used to diagnose seizures, epilepsy, sleep disorders and various other neurological conditions. We are able to provide EEG service to country patients on the same day of their appointment. Paediatric neurology encompasses a wide range of conditions affecting a child’s brain and peripheral nerves.We provide evaluation, diagnosis and evidence based management of various conditions in children.

2. Perth Paediatrics

ADDRESS: Suite 5 / 2 McCourt Street, West Leederville WA 6007

PHONE: (08) 6162 1615

OPEN HOURS: Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm
Sat: 8:30am to 12:30pm

SERVICE TYPES: Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Neurology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition, Paediatric Allergy, General Paediatric


Nice new premises well equipped. Receptionist are

always happy and helpful. Clinicians are great and

hardly ever run behind. Your health and well-being is

important to all that work at this clinic.



Perth Paediatrics is the first multi-specialty private clinic in Perth which aims to provide medical, surgical and allied healthcare consultation to children of all ages under one roof. Our team of dedicated specialists will provide high quality care to children in an efficient and timely manner.

The clinic has been designed & planned carefully and methodically keeping in mind the needs of not only the child but also the families who attend the appointments. There is a dedicated feeding room to provide privacy to mothers feeding their young ones. The waiting area has been specially created so as to entertain the kids in various forms. The highlight of the clinic is its decor with special characters on all walls and the colour coded doors which will put a smile on the child’s face.

3. The Elizabeth Clinic

ADDRESS: 26 Leura St, Nedlands WA 6009, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 9384 4565

OPEN HOURS: Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30 pm

SERVICE TYPES: Clinical Service, Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy, Paediatrics, Parenting, Puberty and Beyond

AVG. FACEBOOK REVIEWS: OPEN HOURS: Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30 pm

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“Nice new premises well equipped. Receptionists are always happy and helpful. Clinicians are great and hardly ever run behind. Your health and well-being is important to all that work at this clinic.”


Everyone hopes that being a family will be easy and enjoyable but special challenges can arise from conception to delivery, and from the early years and into adolescence. It is important for all parents to feel that they can help their children meet his or her potential – but nobody can do this without support.
We offer families support and expert care from specialist clinicians including paediatricians; perinatal, infant, child and adolescent mental health clinicians; developmental specialists; parenting experts; GP lactation consultant; family and couple therapists; and a number of evidence based group programs.
All our clinicians work from a relationship-based perspective – this means we want to work with you collaboratively, and we want to help you to have a strong relationship with your partner, your other family members and each of your children. When children feel that their relationship with their parent is strong, they do better in life – whatever their individual potential.

4. Baby Steps Health Centre

ADDRESS: Unit 21/127 Herdsman Parade, Wembley WA 6014, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 9387 2844

SERVICE TYPES: Baby, Child, Parent

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 4.7/5 out of 22 (As of June 2021)

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Baby Steps began with the observation that in the very first weeks of parenting, most parents have difficulties with feeding, settling and generally knowing what to do, yet they have been let out of hospital after a few days with only a nurse visit scheduled for follow up. At a time when they are most stressed and in need of support, they feel the most alone.

GP and Obstetrician Dr Leon Levitt set up Baby Steps with the initial goal of meeting the needs of new parents, gathering all the health care professionals they might need together in one place.

5. Swiss Family Clinic

ADDRESS: 97 Thomas St, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 6255 5333

OPEN HOURS: 8:30am-6pm

SERVICE TYPES: Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR, Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 5/5 out of 2( As of June 2021)

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Great service. Well informed. Dr levitt knows what hes doing. Return customer for my two boys circ op.

“Nice new premises well equipped. Receptionists are always happy and helpful. Clinicians are great and hardly ever run behind. Your health and well-being is important to all that work at this clinic.”


We are a private multidisciplinary service, providing expert mental health assessment and treatment for young people and families. We strive to provide excellent, collaborative, relationship-focused care for young people and families. Offering a range of services under one roof, we hope to simplify mental health assessment and treatment for WA families. We aim to provide efficient, timely help, and our professional and friendly clinicians will help make the journey as clear and understandable as possible.

We accept new referrals for young people aged up until 16 years of age. For a range of problems, we can offer mental health, psychological or psychiatric assessment, treatment and longer-term support, ensuring that young people have the best chance possible of moving forwards with their lives.

6. Kinderdental

ADDRESS: 263 Stirling Hwy, Claremont WA 6010, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 9384 8800

OPEN HOURS: 8am-5pm

SERVICE TYPES: Oral Examination, X-Rays, Preventive Care, Fillings, Extractions, Sedation, Dental Trauma

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 4.6/5 out of 20(As of June 2021)


“Great experience as always... they do a wonderful job of introducing kids to dentistry.
My son loves coming here despite having a tooth pulled after a playground accident!”


Children are not just small adults and require expert specialist care. Internationally it is recognised that all children from one year of age should have a dental assessment. Kinderdental promotes healthy mouths for life and this begins when we welcome your child to our dental practice.
Kinderdental offers your child the best start to their dental care. During a child’s formative years, issues relating to oral health, the upper airway including grinding and snoring may have effects well beyond their teeth. At Kinderdental, we are experts in children’s oral and facial growth, development, teeth, gums and soft tissues in both healthy and medically-compromised children.

7. Kidz Clinic

ADDRESS: Suite 1B/151 Herdsman Parade, Wembley, 6014, Western Australia

PHONE: +61 439 463 579

OPEN HOURS: 8am-5pm

SERVICE TYPES: Kids Physiotherapy

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 5/5 out of 2(As of June 2021)

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“Really kind physiotherapist who is dedicated to working with kids. Super nice and very helpful”


Natalie Bennett-Bremner is the Director of Kidz Clinic Physiotherapy is. She is a Sports Physiotherapist with 25 years experience. Natalie spent the first 10 years of her career working as a Sports Physiotherapist working with people of all ages from "arm-chair" sportsmen to elite athletes. During this time she developed a keen interest in musculoskeletal disorders in children and adolescents.
Natalie established Kidz Clinic Physiotherapy in 2008 to focus on the management of infants, toddlers, children and teens with a wide range of musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders. Natalie has a special interest in hypermobility and correction of gait abnormalities.

8. Children's Eczema Care

ADDRESS: Level 1 21/127 Herdsman Parade, Wembley WA 6014, Australia

PHONE: 0402685291

SERVICE TYPES: Eczema standard consultations/Telehealth, Eczema workshops

Average Reviews on Google: 5/5 of out 2 Reviews as of June 16 2021

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Really kind physiotherapist who is dedicated to working

with kids. Super nice and very helpful


To practice as a nurse practitioner requires endorsement by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Nurse practitioners often work with other health professionals to enhance the care that can be provided. Jemma is a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner with postgraduate studies in child health and allergy nursing and a Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner). Jemma has over 20 years of experience in paediatrics and has a particular interest in babies and children with eczema. Jemma is endorsed by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. She offers high-quality care and support to children and their families to successfully manage eczema. Jemma also works at Perth Children’s Hospital.

9. Child Psychiatrists Perth

ADDRESS: 265 Bannister Rd, Canning Vale WA 6155, Australia

PHONE: +61894564444


  • Assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and families
  • Specialist assessments for ADHD and Autism
  • Specialist management of mood disorders, anxiety disorders
  • Consultation for educational difficulties comorbid with mental health difficulties
  • GP Assessment and management plans
  • Individual and family therapy

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Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in the assessment and treatment of mental disorders in children and adolescents. Almost 1 in 7 Australian children suffer from a mental disorder. ADHD is the most common mental disorder in Australian children followed by anxiety disorders and depressive disorders. Children need to be understood in various contexts- developmental, educational, social and cultural to name but a few. We will undertake a thorough assessment of your child and bring together all factors in order to make a diagnosis and plan treatment. We will provide some or all aspects of the treatment plan in discussion with you. Our expertise and areas of interest are detailed in these pages. ADHD is the most common mental health disorder in children and adolescents and affects over 7% of all Australian children. Approximately 300,000 Australian children and adolescents are thought to suffer from ADHD. It is also a disorder that is accompanied by a number of other learning and developmental disorders and requires a thorough in-depth assessment to make an accurate diagnosis. We provide specialist assessment and treatment of ADHD for all children and adolescents up to 16 years of age.

10. Kites Children's Therapy

ADDRESS: 16 Sunbury Rd, Victoria Park WA 6100, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 9311 8222

OPEN HOURS: 9:am to 5pm


  • Group Programs
  • Dietitian
  • Dog-Assisted Therapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Speech Therapy
  • Online Therapy

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 5/5 out of 1(As of June 2021)

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At Kites, we provide personalised early intervention support, advice and solutions that transform the lives of kids living with disability or developmental challenges. We enable kids – and their families – to look to the future with confidence. A future filled with possibilities.

As part of the EverAbility Group Ltd (opens in a new window). family, we bring together specialists, therapists and experts from across the disability and childhood development spectrum. Then, working together – with families, as a family – we build a support network and solution specifically for each child, delivering tailored advice and support as early as possible, when it can make the biggest difference to their lives.

11. One Central Health

ADDRESS: 203 Wanneroo Rd, Tuart Hill WA 6060, Australia

PHONE: 0893441318

OPEN HOURS: 9am–5pm


  • Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Pathologist Perth and WA
  • Behaviour therapy and support work
  • Dietetics
  • Autism Assessments Perth
  • Counselling Services
  • Tutoring
  • Learning Assessments

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 5/5 of 2 (As of June 2021)



One Central Health is a paediatrics and allied health provider with a multidisciplinary team and best practice therapy services. We are a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider as well, offering approved participants plan management and support coordination services.
Our outstanding health, comprehensive therapy and step-by-step NDIS support services provide a convenient, hasslefree, all-in-one experience. Our clients include children, adults, and families of all backgrounds, abilities, and ages.

12. Telethon Kids Institute

ADDRESS: Northern Entrance, Perth Children's Hospital, 15 Hospital Ave, Nedlands WA 6009, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 6319 1000

OPEN HOURS: 9am–5pm


  • Early Intervention
  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Telehealth
  • Group Programs

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 4.5/5 of 14 reviews (As of June 2021)

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“Good place, but we tried to take some photos for G maps, but was told to shove off and not take photos. Telethon itself is a great program, and I have decided to donate to them on multiple occasions”


CliniKids is a new not-for-profit clinic providing clinical services to children with early developmental delay and/or autism, and their families. It is the first of its kind for autism in Australia. At Telethon Kids Institute, our vision is happy, healthy kids. As part of the Institute, our team at CliniKids are working to improve the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder and/or developmental delay. We want every child have access to the world’s best therapies so that they can reach their full potential. This is why our integrated team of world-class researchers and exceptional clinicians are putting research into practice. Currently, it is estimated to take 15 years for research to be translated into clinical practice. At CliniKids, we find this unacceptable. Through collaboration, our team are working to close this gap and provide families access to the very best evidence-based therapies in the world as quickly as possible.

13. Amity Health

ADDRESS: 136 Lockyer Ave, Albany WA 6330, Australia

OPEN HOURS: 8:30am–5pm

PHONE: +61 8 9842 2797

SERVICE TYPES: Parent, Adolescent, Adult

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 3.7/5 of 3 reviews(As of June 2021)

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“A not for profit organisation - Amity Health provides a range of quality services and programs for children and adults.  Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Stroke Management, Child Mental Health, Diabetes Education/Educators and Dietitians.”


At Amity Health, we understand that living in country regions can make accessing allied health services challenging.
We have identified this and we work hard to provide a range of health care services to country people, including Occupational Therapy (generalist and mental health practitioners), Speech Pathology, Dietetics and Diabetes Education.
Everyone can access our services and a referral is not always needed from your GP or other Health Practitioner. Although some of our programs are funded for eligible clients, we also offer a Fee for Service program.
Amity Health is a not-for-profit organisation and we have been delivering Allied Health care to adults and children in the Great Southern region for over 20 years. With our main office based in Albany, more recently, we have expanded our reach to include Walpole, Wheatbelt and Goldfields regions.

14. Dianella Family Medical Centre

ADDRESS: 294 Grand Promenade, Dianella WA 6059, Australia

PHONE: +61892763472

OPEN HOURS: 7 am–8 pm


Family Health, Microsuction Ear Cleaning, Mental Health, Asthma Care and Management Plans, Skin Cancer, Children’s Health, Maternal Health, Diabetic Educator, Diabetes, Occupational Health, Geriatric Health, Travel Medicine, Minor Surgery, Vaccinations, Sexual Health, Chronic Disease Management, Care First program

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 3.1/5 of 54 reviews (As of June 2021)


“Great staff, lovely doctors, but I just can't give any more than 3 stars. PARKING IS HORRENDOUS. I always have to park miles away in the back streets, and also there's only 2 disabled parking spots, I really feel sorry for anyone with a disability trying to reach the medical centre and having to park hundreds of metres away”


Dianella Family Medical Centre has been a long established practice providing quality health care to the community for over 40 years. We aim to provide the highest standard of patient centred, comprehensive and continuing care to individuals and families in the community. Our doctors have a wide range of interests and are committed to continued excellent patient care.
Telehealth is a health appointment by phone call or videoconference, connecting you with your GP or specialist and is available to all patients that have attended the practice in the past 12 months. Telehealth appointments are available to all patients and will be billed as per standard appointment rates. Please note that your internet or phone provider may incur fees and charges. Appointments are as private as in-person appointments. Both you and the GP will be in a private room. Measures are in place to ensure the video conference is secure. If you wish, you can have family members or a friend in the room for support.

15. NatMed Natural Medicine Clinic

ADDRESS: 89 George St, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia

PHONE: +61893391999

SERVICE TYPES: Acupuncture, Counselling, Women’s Health Clinic, Children’s Health Clinic, Men’s Health Clinic, Testing, Fertility Clinic, Weight Loss, Medical Consultations, Chiropractor

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 4.7 /5 of 71 reviews (As of June 2021)

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“Julie has been so helpful! My overall health has improved by a mile since starting to see her in 2020, something doctors have previously not been able to help with. She's extremely professional and easy to talk to. She made adjustments to my diet to resolve a variety of issues. Since making my appointment in Oct 2020, my health has never been better! I'm so grateful for her help and couldn't recommend her more.”


After twenty years in the industry I am still frustrated by the vast difference across providers so I decided to film a quick video to help discerning consumers make an informed choice.

At the end of the day we are not going to be the right choice for everyone. If you are ready to make change and take responsibility for your health, we have the tools, education & skills to empower you to make the changes.

Ultimately you are the one who has to take responsibility to make the choice for a better life and positive change. If this is you then we are the perfect partner to empower you in that journey so that you can have the health, energy and mindset you deserve.

16. AIM Therapy for Children

ADDRESS: 89 George St, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia

PHONE: +61893391999

SERVICE TYPES: Acupuncture, Counselling, Women’s Health Clinic, Children’s Health Clinic, Men’s Health Clinic, Testing, Fertility Clinic, Weight Loss, Medical Consultations, Chiropractor

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 4.7 /5 of 71 reviews (As of June 2021)

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“Our son had a number of sessions with Mikaela and we can’t recommend AIM highly enough. Professional, kind, caring and great communication. So much improvement with in his core strength and schooling.”


All children and families will have the opportunity to set goals important to them. They will have access to support from a qualified health professional team in order to reach them. All children accessing AIM Therapy services will reach their goals! The AIM Therapy process will be a fun experience for children and families and will positively influence their lives in a way they will remember forever. Handwriting is a very complex skill for children to master. It requires the integration of many skills including fine motor skills (above), gross motor skills (postural stability and endurance), sensory and perceptual skills (visually interpreting and remembering letter formations), cognition (attention, memory, knowledge, planning, problem solving) and language skills. These skill areas will also be included in the OT assessment if they are indicated to be impacting upon function, please click on the relevant areas in the top drop down menu for more information.

17. Brainbox Psychology Clinic

ADDRESS: 4/16 Nicholson Rd, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 9388 9960

OPEN HOURS: 9am–5pm

SERVICE TYPES: Counselling and Assesment

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 5/5 of 4 reviews (As of June 2021)


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“Karen was very understanding of my child's situation and her detailed assessment opened my eyes into what is best for my child. I am extremely grateful and would recommend her to anybody.”


Karen is our Principal Psychologist, who established Brainbox Psychology Clinic in 2014. She has completed a Master of Psychology at Curtin University, and is endorsed with the Psychology Board of Australia as a Counselling Psychologist. Karen has a particular passion for detailed psychological assessments that unravel the complexities associated with dyslexia, intellectual giftedness and attention problems. Karen’s therapeutic areas of interest include mother-baby mental health, child and adolescent social-emotional development and family relationship functioning. We believe that every child has a unique set of abilities and talents that can be discovered and nurtured.
With early identification of individual strengths along with any difficulties, we give parents the tools to support their child flourish.
Our individual point of difference at Brainbox Psychology Clinic is that we are all employees.
This means that we do not use subcontractors. This is important to us as we love being part of a permanent team with shared goals to provide the very best care for our clients.
All our psychologists have completed post-graduate training to Masters or Doctorate level.
As highly qualified and experienced professionals, we offer evidence-based assessment and counselling specifically tailored for the needs of each child, adolescent and family.

18. Just Kids Health

ADDRESS: Suite 14, Level 1/11 Wentworth Parade, Success WA 6164, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 6243 1711

SERVICE TYPES: ItchyScratchySkin, Optimal Weight for Life, Constipation/soiling, Asthma, Unsettled babies, Development/behaviour worries, Parent coaching, Health checks

Average Google Reviews: No Google Reviews



No Google Reviews


We diagnose, prescribe and help you understand about your child's health condition. This includes telling you about the latest research and different treatment options so you can make the best decisions for your child.

We give written information or links to websites or Apps. We make personalised health plans and give you tips for quick, easy, no-fuss care at home.

We take time to teach you how to manage your child’s health. Where possible, we also teach children and teens to manage their health themselves.

19. Western Kids Health

ADDRESS: 84 Matlock St, Mount Hawthorn WA 6016, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 6112 2977

SERVICE TYPES: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychological, Dietetic and Yoga services

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 5/5 of 6 reviews As of June 2021


"Our experience with Nicole at Western Kids Health was brilliant. We were living in Singapore at the time and after seeing orthopaedic specialists and physiotherapists we were unable to get a diagnosis for my daughters chronic knee pain. We were extremely frustrated until we were put in contact with Nicole. Nicole was the first person who was able to diagnose my daughters pain condition and she was the only professional to speak directly to my daughter in a language she could understand. The physical therapy plans Nicole put in place for us were very professional but perfect for my daughter to follow herself so she was able to manage her rehab herself. Nicole was available for email advice or tele health consultations when required. Within 2 weeks of consulting with Nicole my daughter's pain was significantly reduced."


As a paediatric physiotherapist and mother, Western Kids Health founder Nicole Pates, knew there was a better way to deliver private health care to the children of Western Australia. Parents commented time and time again how frustrating it was to drive all over Perth to see a multitude of health professionals. How confusing it was to receive conflicting messages. How at 5 years old their child may have difficulty learning handwriting, at 9 years suffer an injury and ongoing pain and at 15 years need assistance with mental wellbeing. But for each need, a new place, a new face. Nicole envisioned a community where health professionals worked together, for children to develop a connection with, that grew with their needs.

20. Perth CDC

ADDRESS: Suite 1, Level 1, Medical Centre, SJG Mt Lawley Hospital, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Australia

PHONE: +61 8 6153 4535

OPEN HOURS: 9:30am–5pm

SERVICE TYPES: Paediatric and Behavioral Services

AVG. GOOGLE REVIEWS: 5/5 of 8 (As of June 2021)


"Highly, highly recommend Dr Kerande. What an exceptional paediatrician. We sought him out to assess my siblings to see if they have ADHD - he was not only thorough, but reassuring and well knowledged. He is also brilliant at building rapport with children. Cannot thank him enough and I don't hesitate to recommend him to others. Thank you, Dr Kerande!"


We have a team of experienced clinicians and allied health professionals including Paediatricians, Clinical psychologist, Speech therapist, Occupational therapist and Physiotherapist to deliver holistic care under one roof. At Perth CDC, we have three consulting rooms and a purpose build therapy room to deliver quality services simultaneously to our ever-growing client base. 

With this information, you can easily find the best paediatric clinic near you. Contact them today to know their paedia services ahead!

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