19 Questions with Wildwood Photography

Baby Wonderland's guest interview with Wildwood Photography. This photographer is based in Ballarat Victoria.

Wildwood Photography by Zoë & Geoff

Wildwood Photography

BUSINESS: Wildwood Photography

LOCATION: 23 MacArthur Park Blvd, Miners Rest VIC 3350, Australia

PHONE: +61 422 342 209








1. What life experience made you become a Photographer?

When our daughter was born, we had a renewed passion in photography, especially babies & children. Capturing all those little moments!

2. What makes your service unique?

We are a family run business & both creative souls. We tailor every photo shoot to our clients needs. Our artistic style & friendly service is what sets us out from our competition.
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3. How did you get started and build a client base?

My We have both been photographers for a very long time, it's almost embarrassing! I even had my own dark room many years ago. We were both more on an artistic photography journey back then & it started to change when Geoff's passion for photographing people really took hold. He believes that every human face is worthy of beautiful photography. Capturing the essence of what makes them unique! So we started to get into family photography & that quickly moved to commercial photography as Geoff started work for a magazine. He worked for them for a few years, creating amazing images for them & also stories. Music was one of his favourite areas to photograph, along with small business owners. He met many people over that time & photographed many unique faces and heard lots of interesting stories. Our daughter came along through all of this & our hearts were stolen by the fleeting nature of childhood. We were obsessed with capturing every moment. We then wanted to capture this for other families. We trained & studied further to add to our skills & from their opened Wildwood Photography. It's been 7 years since then & we are still obsessed with capturing amazing images for our clients. I love capturing newborns & babies! Geoff works a lot with families & extended family groups & we both love capturing the magic of weddings. Word of mouth has been instrumental in our success & having repeat customers come back time & time again.

4. Describe your style.

We have a beautiful whimsical style full of love. I particularly love fibres & fabrics & love texture when creating my newborn setups. I love using florals as well. Weddings are a dream with all the amazing florals! We love natural images that aren't overly posed for our families & weddings. Having said this, we also want to see your faces! So we help with posing, while still trying to keep it natural & capturing the interactions between people to bring out the love & laughter! We have a range of newborn sessions from free flowing in your own home to beautifully styled and posed in the studio.

5. Do you offer posed newborn sessions? Do you bring props along?

Yes we do offer posed newborn sessions in our cosy studio. We have a huge range of stunning props to choose from. Fabrics, outfits, baskets, bowls, dreamcatchers, headbands & hats and so much more!

6. When is the best time to have a newborn session?

With our studio sessions, we recommend around 7 to 14 days old.

Miles & Sam By Wildwood Photography 002

7. What should I wear to the shoot?

We love including parents in the newborn sessions! We really want to create a timeless image for you, so request you don't wear anything with big words or logos over the front of your top. With newborn sessions, the softer colours look wonderful. Try not to wear something that is too busy as this will distract from your babies face. You can also wear black, cream or white. You don't have to match, but it is nice to have a consistency throughout your clothing. We can also help with styling for your session & even have some clothes available in the studio.

8. Do you have props and accessories or do I have to provide them?

We have everything! So many beautiful props, headbands, hats, baskets, bowls, crowns, outfits for newborns, children & even mummy's. We have a huge maternity gown selection too.

9. What are your packages and inclusive?

We offer a range of packages that all include digitals, prints & a beautiful fine art print too as we really think you should have something on your wall when you have finished your photo shoot. For more info on what's included in our different packages & pricing please go to our website www.wildwoodphotography.com.au

10. What if kids don't behave on the day?

Haha, this must be every parents worst nightmare. Geoff & I have many, many years of experience working with children & babies. We have a lot of patience & tricks up our sleeve to get the best photos on the day. We also help to prepare our parents too, so they can talk to the children prior to the session, bring treats along etc. We always recommend booking in around nap times for little ones so they are in a happy place to start with. A full tummy also helps.

11. Tell us about your studio.

We have a beautiful studio based in Ballarat. It is homely and families always tell me how relaxing a space it is. We also have tea, coffee & lots of treats on hand for parents when they come in for their newborn sessions.

12. What camera do you use?

We only use Canon professional camera bodies and lenses.

13. What is your favorite lens?

Ooohhhh, this is a tough one! Can I choose two? My Canon 24-70 & the 70 - 200! Just about covers everything!

14. Can I book a session if my newborn has already arrived? What if they are older than the recommended days?

Yes you can! We often get a call and baby has already arrived. We do recommend pre-booking, to make sure we can fit you in, but we always try our best to fit you in if possible. The oldest we would photograph a newborn is 2 months of age. If your baby was born prematurely then this is different, but for general babies we can still do a session up to this age (prem it can even be older). It may look a little different to those tiny squishy babies, but we can still get beautiful images for you to look back on.

Alice _ 6 weeks By Wildwood Photography 003

15. Tell me a shoot you'll never forget.

So many! It is such a blessing to capture families. One session that comes to mind & the mum did say I will never forget that one, was an outdoor family session. We were no more than 5 mins in & the youngest slipped and fell. Cut her knee and was seriously unhappy! We let her have some time to recover. Patched her up & her mum gave her lots of cuddles. Needless to say, all she wanted to do was go home. Can you believe, we recovered the session, took so many amazing images. Had such strong connections with mum & her children & the photos looked beautiful! Giving little ones time is often key to success. Letting parents work it out, then giving them a helping hand if need be. Geoff & I are both pretty relaxed & gentle people & I think children pick up on that fairly quickly.

16. How long before I get my photos?

We do online galleries for our clients to choose their images & once they have chosen their images our turnaround time is usually about 4 weeks for editing and printing.

17. What’s the best way to get in touch?

You can talk to me, Zoë via Email - lovewildwood@outlook.com Phone - 0422 34 2209 Or send me a DM through Instagram! We love to connect there - www.instagram.com/lovewildwood

18. How far ahead do I need to book?

Usually a few months is fine, but if you are after a weekend spot or a specific date, book earlier. We are booking weddings for the year ahead already!

19. Is there anything else you would like to share to us?

Thank you so much! It has been great to chat with you & if anyone would like more information, please reach out. We are more than happy to answer your questions. We would also love you to join us over on www.instagram.com/lovewildwood to follow what is happening & join in the magic!

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