17 Questions with Zina le Sueur

Baby Wonderland's guest interview with Zina le Sueur. This photographer is based in Perth.

Zina le Sueur Photography: Perth's Favourite Family and Newborn Photographer

Zina le Sueur

BUSINESS: Zina le Sueur Photography

LOCATION: Wanneroo, Perth, WA, Australia

PHONE: 0437 491 387




Pure Package: $ 450

Inspired Package: $650

Deluxe Package: $ 850

1. What life experience made you become a Photographer?

I have always been passionate about people, love, family and connection, photography provides the perfect way to capture beautiful moments and share that with people who treasure that forever, it’s been an amazing journey and I’m grateful every day for the wonderful career I’ve chosen!

2. What makes your service unique?

I like to keep things simple, every session is fun and relaxed and very much about going with the flow. I aim for natural moments that reflect your character and connections naturally and beautifully. I get so excited to edit each session that I provide your images back to you within 7 days of your session!

3. How did you get started and build a client base?

Friends who saw the images I’d taken of my children asked me to capture their families, and then their friends and their friends and so it just grew!

4. Describe your style.

My style is candid, emotive and a little dramatic because I love high contrast lighting and settings.

5. Do you use a flash?

Occasionally if it’s necessary.

6. When should I wear to the photoshoot?

This is very subjective and part of the discussion we will have prior to every photoshoot, but I have some broad guidelines on my website too.

7. Do you have props and accessories or do I have to provide them?

I provide everything that’s necessary for your newborn session, in line with my minimalistic style

8. Where does the session take place? Do you have a studion? Tell me about your studio.

My studio is in Wanneroo, Perth, WA but I also do lifestyle sessions in your home and family sessions all over Australia.

9. Can we do a home session even when our home isn't well-lighted?

I can use flash where needed, but there are different styles which require different lighting so we will discuss what style of images you want before I’d be able to answer this question thoroughly.

10. What happens if the kids don't behave on the day?

That depends on your definition of behave, I love kids and appreciate that defiance (especially at certain ages) is part of their developmental journey so I work with them to see what they want to do and together we work out how to obtain the images I need for a beautiful gallery.

11. What happens if we get rained out?

We reschedule if we haven’t been able to fill your gallery

12. I have a couple of cute photos from Pinterest, can we do those?

I love to see what images you like because it gives me insight into what you love and what style suits you best. Recreating images is not ideal for a number of reasons, but once I know what you like I’m able to interpret your style and am confident I can provide a gallery you’ll fall in love with!

13. What can I do to help ensure that the photo shoot goes smoothly?

Relax and enjoy, I'll take care of the rest!

14. What camera do you use? What's your favorite lens?

For newborn photography my favourite lens is a sigma 35mm Art and for family photography my favourite lens is a sigma 85mm Art

15. How long before I get my photos?

7 days at most, sometimes sooner

16. How far ahead do I need to book?

This differed at different times of the year but the sooner the better if you’d like your pick of times and dates.

17. What's the best way to get in touch?

email or mobile 0437491387
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