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Many people think that music and children do not mix, especially when they are babies. Babies can't appreciate the subtlety of a string quartet or symphony orchestra yet, so why bother them with it? Well, there is actually some value to baby music putting your baby in front of a musical toy and letting him listen to the soothing sounds of a piano, violin or guitar. Babies are actually able to appreciate music for babies before they can understand human speech or recognize their own image in a mirror. Babies' reactions to music often shed light on the role of music appreciation in humans. Baby musical instruments are something that parents should not ignore when thinking about toys for their babies. Babies are very impressionable and the right musical toy can be beneficial to your child in some interesting ways.

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Musical mobiles

Babies love looking at simple shapes, bold colors and movement. Babies also appreciate confinement and immobility, such as when they are on their backs or in a crib. The combination of these traits makes musical mobiles a perfect toy for babies. Babies can lie down and stare at the moving shapes and listen to the soft music played in time with their movements.

Musical toys

Babies love toys they can hold onto themselves, chew on or otherwise manipulate. A Music toy is ideal because most make sound when something is shaken or moved. Musical rattles, toy guitars and drums are all fun musical toys that babies can interact with for hours at a time.


Babies love movement and they love noise. Babies also like to feel things in their hands before putting them into their mouths, so maracas are the perfect musical toy for your child's early months. Babies can shake maracas and feel the sensation of rattles while also experiencing the satisfying noise that maracas make when shaken.

Stuffed animals

Babies like to interact with other babies, but stuffed animals are a perfect substitute in cases where it is not possible for a baby to play with an actual infant. Babies can hold on or sit near stuffed animals and listen to the music played on musical toys like maracas, drums and guitars. Hearing these sounds makes babies happy and helps them develop cognitive skills early on.

Hanging toys

Babies can experience all of the best musical toys from hanging mobiles. A simple, colorful mobile with a few shapes that look like animals or cartoon characters is perfect for babies. Since they are not very mobile, hanging music toys for kids are easy to set up and use. Babies can spend hours looking at the shapes on the mobile while listening to the music played on a small instrument like a xylophone, glockenspiel or maraca.

Musical boxes

Babies love the sound of a musical box. Babies also love to see balls or shapes rolling around in one place that later disappear and reappear somewhere else. Music boxes for babies combine both traits into one, so babies can enjoy movement and noise even though they may not understand their significance just yet. Babies who listen to music through a musical box do very well when it comes to cognitive development.

Musical books

Babies love the sound of their own voices when they are in the process of learning how to speak. Babies also like to feel things in their hands, so musical books are a great toy for babies. Babies can pick up and turn pages in a musical book while listening to music played on a toy xylophone, drum or maraca. Babies may not be able to speak or understand the words in the book just yet, but they certainly will enjoy listening to music through this musical toy.

What Wooden Musical Instruments Are Good For Your Baby?

One of the best things about wooden instruments for babies is they are made out of natural material. Babies can bite these instruments without injuring themselves like they would if the instrument were made out of plastic or metal. Babies chewing on their musical toys can actually help clean their teeth. Babies who are teething often chew on the most convenient objects around them, if these items are not safe for them to chew on they will end up putting random objects in their mouth which can be dangerous. Babies must have wooden musical instruments in order to satisfy the natural urge of putting things in their mouth.

Here are some of the best wooden musical toys for kids and baby that your baby is sure to enjoy:

  • Wooden Xylophone.
  • Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube Musical Toy.
  • Infantino Discover & Roll Rattle and Balls Musical Toy.
  • The First Years Stroll Along with Piano.
  • VTech Musical Rhymes Book.

These musical instruments are great for young children learning to make the distinction between sounds, as they provide fifty different notes over four octaves to experiment with. Babies can play them by hitting them with their hands or even something like a small spoon, which is ideal for parents who don't wish to purchase an extra pair of wooden utensils.

It's made of solid wood with a finish that is lovely to touch, so it won't irritate your baby's skin even if they rub their hands against it repeatedly. Babies Store musical instruments are handmade and there are no sharp edges either, so you don't have to worry about your child getting hurt.

Have You Found The Perfect Musical Instruments For Toddlers And Babies?


From the day they are born, music is one of one of the most purposeful methods we bond with our infants. We sing to them to comfort them, we bounce with them to calm them down, and when they grow older, we dance with them to make them giggle. It just makes good sense that their little eyes brighten when they listen to a song they love. Music instruments are a great method to promote your baby's creating mind and also provide a fun, creative outlet, with no screen time involved.


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