Choosing The Best Family Law Firm

There are times when you just cannot stay with your partner anymore and want to part ways. There is no shame in wanting to go separate ways, but there are many legal formalities involved. When you start looking for a firm that deals only with family law, you will see multiple options. 

How do you know which firm is the best for you because all of them are registered and licensed practitioners of law? So what are the other factors that can decide the best family law firm for you?

Let’s take a look

It is an individual choice if you want to go to court to solve your issues or do you want to settle everything outside the court with a lawyer. If your partner has already filed a case with the court, you have no option but to be present on the hearing date with your lawyer. In both cases, you need a lawyer but the questions you ask yourself to understand if they are the right ones to hit the nail on the right spot.

How big is the law firm? How many lawyers practice family law?

Many family law firms work on a small scale, like within the state and may have an adequate number of team members, and there are law firms that operate on a large scale within the country or even outside the country with offices across the border. These types of firms have thousands of experienced lawyers with expertise in particular fields. 

The pros of hiring lawyer from a large family legal firm

  • You will get a lawyer who is dedicated to your case only and will not handle any other cases because the firm has enough lawyers in their family law firm to handle other cases. 
  • They are focused on the client at hand by regularly giving updates and relevant information from time to time and take ownership of the outcome
  • They are reputed and experienced enough in family law, and many times their reputations pave the way for them even before you go to the courtroom.

The cons of hiring lawyer from a large family legal firm

  • They charge a huge amount of fees for the services they provide. If you are on a budget, then they are not the ones you want to choose.
  • The wait time is higher to get in touch with a specialist family lawyer because they handle one or two clients simultaneously compared to contacting a general practice lawyer in the same firm. 

The pros of hiring a small scale family legal firm

  • If you are on a budget, then they are the perfect choice for you as they do not charge on an hourly basis; instead, they charge you a nominal fee for the case.
  • There are fewer chances that the lawyer of the same family law firm is presenting the opposite party in the court to not create a conflict of interest. 
  • The lawyers in these firms are locals, so they are well versed with the local laws and regulations, and that gives them the edge over a lawyer from a large firm because there are chances you may get a lawyer in the large firm who is not a local.

The cons of hiring a small scale family legal firm

  • Because the number of lawyers in the firm is less, there are chances that they will have more than 2-3 cases in hand simultaneously, which can prove to be a disaster as they may mix up facts of one case to another.
  • You may not have a dedicated lawyer for your case; it may happen so that you spoke to one lawyer in the family legal firm, but you see another lawyer at the courtroom presenting your case. This confuses as both have different ways of dealing with a case in hand
  • Small scale family legal firms sometimes hire people with low academics credentials or frequently hire new lawyers because small scale firms do not have many levels of advancements, and everybody looks for growth in their career. You may get an inexperienced lawyer for your case, which can prove to be lethal for your case 

This is a general guide to find the best family legal firm for your case and not legal advice. You can always contact any local associations that have listed down the best family law firms in your area, or you can search them online. Read their reviews, contact the firm, meet the lawyer face to face to gauge if they are the ones for you.

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