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People Having Babies During Covid-19

Pregnancy is an amazing experience for any expectant mother - it is a journey of discovering strengths you never knew you had that will ultimately prepare you for your motherhood adventure not far ahead. It is an adventure that is challenging yet rewarding and tiring but fulfilling. As if the obvious challenges of being pregnant are not enough, Covid-19 made things a little more complicated.

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I'm Pregnant in the Middle of Covid-19

Pregnancy is an incredible journey that many do not get to experience in their lifetimes. Someone having a baby can be intriguing, daunting and confusing all at the same time, as the body changes on a daily basis. Pregnancy's timeline is divided into three trimesters. During those nine months, it is important for mothers-to-be to stay healthy and healthy; Pregnancy is not an exception to this life motto. Precautions during pregnancy should be taken seriously by all mothers-to-be since the health of the mother and baby are at risk if certain precautions aren't taken. With that said, it is beneficial for women who plan on getting pregnant during Covid-19 to know what precautions to take during pregnancy, as well as the benefits.

When people have babies, they must take the appropriate precautions to avoid this virus while pregnant, otherwise risk losing their unborn children or dying themselves.


Pregnancy Virus Tips that may help you Navigate your Birth Plan During this Pandemic

1.) Do your research

Knowledge is always power and this is true for your birth plan and Covid-19. Research on available pregnancy resources for tips on the internet and around your area. Health resources say that there is still a lot to learn about how Covid -9 affects pregnant women and the development of babies so it’s always advisable to be on the lookout for updated materials. Make sure to only trust verified sources especially when it comes to health bulletins and hospital information.

Research your available birth options and talk to your doctor about them. Be transparent about your worries and concerns so you and your doctor can address them properly. If possible and available, take virtual birthing classes so you can get tips and learn how to navigate different birthing situations.

2.) Take all appropriate precautions

Precautions are there for a reason - they keep you and your unborn baby safe and away from harm as virus pregnancy occurs. Observe social distancing measures in your area, practice good hygiene always and make sure that those living with you practice them too. As much as you possibly can, avoid travelling (overseas and domestic) so you limit unnecessary exposure to a lot of people.

When you’re visiting the hospital or if you’re going for your regular checkups, make sure to keep in place your personal hygiene protocol so you can add an extra layer of protection for yourself on top of the safeguards that hospitals and clinics have already put in place.

3.) Stock up on emotional and mental support

Pregnancy can be full of mood swings which can be stressful. Make sure to stock up on a lot of support for your emotional and mental well being. Talking to other pregnant women will help you get an insight into what women who are in similar situations are going through. This will not only help you avoid overthinking, but it can also give you some tips on how to navigate certain situations that they may have already gone through.

Having a solid support system can help get you through any difficult phase in your pregnancy. It is always helpful to have other people, like a husband, a partner, other family members and friends to support you so you can be in your best mental and emotional health for yourself and your baby.

4.) Be flexible and open to changes

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind, especially in this time of Covid-19, is that some things including some aspects of your birth plan may not always go the way you want. The purpose of having a birth plan is not to have inflexible rules and guidelines set in stone, but to have a guide as to what your preferences are given an appropriate situation. However, as in all things in life, you also have to be prepared that some things may change and this is not something that you can control. For example, you intend on doing a vaginal delivery but at the last minute was advised that an emergency cesarean section delivery has to be done by your doctor. It is important to breathe, relax and trust that your chosen medical providers will do what is best for you and your baby. At the end of the day, what’s important is that you and your baby are safe, healthy and happy.

Giving birth under the threat of Covid-19 may prove to be a challenge, but there is nothing a resilient and strong pregnant woman can't be brave for her and her baby’s sake.



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