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Pregnancy is not as easy as it sounds how much more in giving birth. It is not a vacation or a picnic  but you will likely stay away from home for a day or two or even more.

The most important stuff you'll need to look about yourself before and after birth will be covered by your hospital. But where is the pleasure in the essentials of bare bones?

This is an extensive list of anything in the hospital that you might like or need for you and your little bundle of joy.

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag for Mothers

On average, moms who deliver vaginally stay in the hospital for one to two days, Randazzo-Ahern says. If you deliver via c-section, you’d be looking at closer to three or four days. Keep your length of stay in mind as you select what to pack in your hospital bag. A tip for the thrifty: Ask your hospital what they provide for mothers, and take those things off your hospital bag checklist. Otherwise, find deals and offers on the items you’ll need here, and use the following hospital bag checklist for mom.


Print a few copies, one for your graph, others for your delivery nurse(s) and maybe some in your emergency room to tape up. Highlighting any important points for fast reference is a smart idea.


Don’t forget these! You’ll want your hair brush, regular or dry shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, extra hair ties and face wipes Remember extra contacts and/or glasses, if you wear them.


Mobile phone and charger; if you can't locate a plug, we suggest carrying your standard USB charging cable and a portable power bank.


Pack two or three pairs of warm, nonskid socks.  Also, a warm robe or sweater you don’t mind sacrificing to the cause. Pack a nursing bra or tank in your pocket if you intend on breastfeeding after delivery. Pair a soft, loose pant like a jogger or a lightweight sleep pant with your tank top. Packing a stunning, dark-colored PJ package is another option. It can also be relaxed with postpartum leggings. Pack a dark-colored sports bra or bathing suit top if you intend to function in the pool at some time.


As it turns out, most hospital bath towels are cheap, scratchy and too small.  Also most pillows aren't that comfortable. So we suggest to bring ones from home so you don't have any problems sleeping and bathing before and after birth.


You might as well pack some non-perishable and ready-to-eat food so if anyone gets hungry or thirsty they could grab it without having to leave the room or the hospital.


What to Pack in a Hospital Bag for the Baby

You know what you'll definitely need, but it can be a little less straightforward to find out what to pack in a baby's hospital bag. Here's the good news: You don't need all that much when you're just starting out in life. Here are the essentials that you want to add to your hospital bag for babies:


If you drive home, this is non-negotiable-they won't let you carry your baby home without a car seat from the hospital, and it should be installed already.


Since you don't know how large or tiny your child would be, pack two different outfits in different sizes! Aim for one outfit and one 0-3 months in newborn size. Don't forget about caps and/or gloves for the appropriate weather


Pack at least two for the hospital if you intend on bottle-feeding from the get-go. If you intend to formula feed, pack some of your own brand, too, since there will most likely be samples for you in the hospital.


All the diapers and wipes you will need are in the hospital. But just in case , we recommend taking an additional pack.


This will make your little one warm on the way home or if you needed extra ones to keep your baby comfortable then you're ready to grab it in your bag.

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Baby Essentials for the Hospital and Beyond

What to Pack for Partners or Support Person


For personal use and emergencies, keep your phone fully charge and saved necessary contacts like pediatrician, doctors, family, and relative numbers


The partner might as well packed for clothes since he/she will be done taking care of you and your baby for a few days.


Pack some shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and other personal essentials.


Keep your partner entertained.


Snacks are important to keep your tummy full and satisfied


Make your partner comfortable in the hospital and make sure they get enough good night sleep too (trust me you'll need it)

When you have been through the checklist of the hospital bag and are confident that you have packed what you all need, if you intend to take a cab to the hospital and get ready for the baby's birth, store your hospital bag in your car or by the front entrance!

Have a safe delivery soon-to-be mothers! I hope your little one will bring light and joy to your lives.

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